Aug 262007

I may not know much about video games, but I still find this news from rather intriguing…

Sales of Sony’s PS3 console is not only being outsold by the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360, even the PS2 is moving more units. With it’s cheaper price and new markets opening up in Eastern Europe, up to four times as many units are being sold.

All I can really say is “Wow”. I suppose those with fears that the market won’t work due to “the power of advertising and the major media” have got it all wrong once again. This seems like a pretty strong indicator that even those with “video game adled brains” </sarcasm> can still make rational decisions when it comes to choosing how to spend their hard earned dollars.

Speaking of spending, Internet Entrepreneur Richard Osborn, wants you to save a little cash when it comes to games for your new PS2 by giving away a free copy of Devil May Care for the PS2 to one lucky commenter on his blog which is all about how to Make Money Blogging.

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  2. […] ? This was a result of my mentioning? Internet Entrepreneur Richard Osborn’s contest in my Don’t Know Nuthin’ ‘Bout No Video Games post last […]

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