Aug 262007

One of the companies I’ve been writing paid to blog posts for, Blogitive, has the following entry in their FAQ-

Q: How do I get paid?
A: We pay all bloggers weekly via Paypal.

That’s as specific as they ever get about when they pay: weekly. I wrote my first post for them, on VLMO, on August 9. As of August 22, nearly two full weeks later I had not been paid for that post or any of the others I had written for them subsequently, despite them all being accepted within 24 hours.

That evening I sent a mostly polite, slightly snarky, message to them via their contact form asking what, exactly, “weekly” meant as I had yet to be paid and would like to know when to expect it. I never received a direct response to my question, but within a few hours I suddenly had 6 PayPal payments from Blogitive. The next morning, two more arrived.

Just goes to show, that sometimes the squeaky wheel does get the grease and it never hurts to ask questions. And this doesn’t just apply to Blogitive, but to any Get Paid To program you happen to be involved with.

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