Aug 252007

I went to my first toy show in 1990. Right before they started to decline in size and popularity due to the growth of eBay. Why travel to a crowded exhibit hall in hopes of finding that last item for your collection when you can just set up an eBay search and be emailed when it becomes available? I took Z to her first toy show today. Despite extreme poverty we both had a really good time.

I got to share some childhood memories with her via various toys from my youth, we both got to see (and play with) some really cool tin toys from the 20s, and she picked up a few old Wacky Packages singles and even two of the TEST ONLY packs from 1986 which were only released on the East Coast. She has a friend at school who also collects Wacky Packages so she’s saving the test packages to open with her at lunch on Monday. Warm’s a daddy’s heart.

I’m going to be pretty sad when I can’t find toy shows anymore. The Time Tunnel show is changing to a combo toy/comic/record show at their next one (December 1st, Santa Clara County Fairgrounds if you’re interested). There’s just something special about walking into an exhibit hall packed with childhood memories from four generations.

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