Aug 252007

Have you ever been glad your cell phone got cut off? I was when it happened today. Aside from the fact that I’ve always hated cell phones, the last month I’ve been receiving 30 plus calls from the companies that were foolish enough to issue me credit cards.

Not that I won’t be paying them when I can, but I told them that two months ago when I lost my job. So, I’ve been letting them continue to call and hang up on my voicemail. What, exactly is the point of speaking to them when they’re simply going to ignore my honest answers to their questions. I mean, do they really think it never occurred to me to ask my friends and family for a loan? When they ask “could your spouse help you make a payment?” does anyone suddenly slap themselves on the forehead, thank them for the great advice and immediately pay off their bill? Seriously.

I didn’t get my first credit card until I was 36. This was a very intentional choice based on my knowledge of the way credit cards work and my own spending habits in the past. Waiting was a smart move. Now, two years later I’ve got 7 credit cards, all maxed out and WAY over their limits thanks to the fees they so love to tack on after the fact.

My advice – cut ’em up or, better yet, never apply for them in the first place. Your checking account’s debit card should handle anything that requires a credit card while PayPal can handle most of your online transactions.

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