Aug 242007

As I talk with other online earners and internet marketers many scoff at the fact that I continue to participate in the Paid To Read, Paid To Click style of earning opportunities. They think that the potential revenue is simply too small to justify the expenditure of their time. I always question how, exactly they monetize those few brief seconds they wait for programs on their computer to open, web pages to load, etc. Because those are the moments that I do most of my PTR and PTC work.

The perfect example has been brought to mind over the last couple of days. I was concluding about a dozen eBay auctions and was continually going back and forth between eBay, PayPal, my printer, and the packages in order to get everything properly addressed and ready for delivery. Printing a single postage/shipping label at PayPal takes about 9 clicks. PayPal is a notoriously slow website to load, so each page change takes between 10 & 20 seconds on my old computer even with a super-fast DSL line. Multiply that by a dozen packages and you’ve got about two minutes of wait time. Add on the wait time for the eBay pages to load, the printer to print, etc and you I ended up with about 10 minutes of waiting time during the hour and a half I was prepping these packages. That’s lost time and lost time is lost money.

I don’t know about you, but 10 seconds isn’t enough time for me to write a coherent sentence, much less be able to string together a series of such sentences (divided by other tasks) into a readable article. So writing a blog post or paid review is not an option during those lost minutes. However, I’m perfectly capable of having 2 or 3 PTR or PTC windows open and clicking through each of them once while the next page for my main task loads. I did it last night and earned an extra $0.15 while prepping my eBay packages for shipping. $0.15 may not be much, but it’s better than earning nothing in that time. If you disagree, feel free to PayPal me $0.15 at any time you like 😉

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  2. Now that’s the right way to use PTC programs. I do something similar all the time. The earnings may not be huge, but even small revenue may make a difference.

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