Aug 232007

Marketing eBooks used to cost several hundred dollars. They eventually got cheaper, and cheaper, and cheaper. Then we got to the point where many were being given away free. The authors do this in hopes of generating revenue from the affiliate links embedded in the eBook itself. Now we’ve gone completely to the other side.

Internet marketer Pedro Sardinha is now offering $2.00 to bloggers who download and write about his free eBook (PDF download)! The eBook itself ain’t half bad either. It details how to use the Your Easy List program to grow your online business. But the real genius is in Pedro’s system for marketing the book itself. For $2 he gets a link back to his blog, another confirmed email address of a blogger interested in making money for his mailing list, and the chance that some will take advantage of the affiliate links in his eBook. Brilliant!

To get your cash, just download the book, write about it in your blog, and post a comment on this post at Pedro’s blog.

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