Aug 232007

My favorite Paid To read program, Myster-E-Mail, has been slowly increasing its rates the last couple of weeks. As I’ve written before, I don’t actually do most of the emails from this PTR, instead treating it primarily as a Paid To Click program, clicking through one email then just using the PTC banners located in their runner. This greatly reduces the number of clicks required between the actual paid clicks. The standard earning on this has been increased from $0.00015 (also the standard for paid emails) to $0.00016 or $0.00018. Today I even had one for $0.00022 and a dozen or so at $0.0002. These may not be large differences, but they’re clearly already adding up.

Now only if I could get my downline to actually do some clicking. Despite my earning 25% of the clicks from each of the 4 people in my downline my total earnings from them is roughly 10% of my personal earnings. This means either I’m being ripped off by Myster-E-Mail, or they simply aren’t clicking very much. The latter seems more likely as Myster-E-Mail not only has a great reputation but they regularly pay me.

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