Aug 232007

In many ways, CREAMaid is the bottom of the sponsored blog post barrel. Anyone may participate, there’s not the least attempt at community building, there are no real “rules”, heck, you don’t even create an account with them.

You don’t even need to directly visit their site,, ever. If you come across a CREAMaid sponsored blog post (like my recent Side By Side Comparisons Benefit Consumers) you can get your assignment and request your money directly through the widget at the bottom of the post. Basically, you just follow the “Click Here To Participate”, enter your PayPal payment email address, and add the provided code to the bottom of your blog post about the relevant topic. Their system will find and identify your post and email you once it has done so. Some time later (see my experience below) you will receive notification if your post has been added to the “conversation”. This email will include a link you must follow to confirm your email address. Once you’ve done so you’ll receive payment “within 24 hours”.

I’ve done three CREAMaid sponsored posts thus far:

As a result of my interactions with CREAMaid I believe that they are a legitimate company, but their advertisers are rather shaky. Bear in mind that the advertisers atart receiving the benefits of the blog post as soon as it’s written, but they can delay as long as they like (theoretically for years) before accepting or rejecting any single post. The $30 real estate post was limited to 10 posts total. Those slots were filled in less than 30 minutes, yet not a single one whas been approved or rejected as of this entry.

So, if you can’t qualify for any other paid to blog programs and are desperate to post some paid reviews, or come across a CREAMaid post on a topic near and dear to your heart, then go for it. But don’t go spending that cash until it’s actually in your account.

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