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This is one of those posts that carries a degree of risk. Not a lot, but a little. And not to you, dear readers, but to me. I’m going to tell you about a system to earn money by exploiting certain features of the well known Digg and StumbleUpon social bookmarking sites. This could well lead to my expulsion from these programs. But that’s a risk I’m willing to take, primarily because I currently receive next to no benefit from either of these websites despite the amount of time, pageviews and content I provide them with.

Subvert and Profit is the latest in a medium length line of websites offering to sell Diggs or Stumbles. They charge each “advertiser” $1 per Digg or Stumble, and then they pay the users (that’s you and me) $0.50 for each set of Diggs or Stumbles we perform. In order to mask the page that’s buying traffic you must Digg/Stumble 3 to 5 different pages for each $0.50 you earn. Once you’ve clicked through 20 sets of URLs (earned $10) Subvert and Profit will pay you via PayPal.

My Experience

I discovered Subvert and Profit as a result of a blog post about how it would never succeed. This may seem like an odd way to find an earning opportunity, but I figure this one’s worth the shot. So far, so good.

I joined Subvert and Profit on August 6th and had my account confirmed on August 7th. I’ve since received 4 tasks from them – 2 for Digg and 2 for StumbleUpon. So that puts $2 into my account. Each task takes around 5 minutes to complete. At this rate I should be eligible for my first $10 payout somewhere around mid-September. $10 per month doesn’t seem an incredibly low. It’s more than I make from most of the PTR/PTC programs I participate in and they take way more time each day as well. It is however, significantly less then I make from Paid-To-Write programs, although it’s much easier then those as well. It also doesn’t require you have your own blog or website.

I’d say if you’re willing to risk losing your Digg or StumbleUpon account (making a new one’s pretty simple), there’s no reason to delay signing up for Subvert and Profit. Besides, if history is any indication the time to get in is now, before they go belly up like their predecessors.

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