Aug 222007

I came across the ChipIn plugin on someone’s blog the other day (wish I remembered which one so I could link to it) and think it’s darn nifty (yes I still say “nifty”, you should too). Essentially, this is a simple widget that sits in your blog’s sidebar or anywhere on your website or forum encouraging your visitors to donate towards whatever goal you have set and tracking the progress.

I haven’t used it yet, though I’m strongly considering doing so on my HorrorClix Forums and It’s Wicked Fun. You simply enter what you’re raising the money for, how much you’re looking to raise, the date you need it by, and your PayPal account. Then you copy and past the code into your site. Your visitors click the “ChipIn” button and send their donations securely through PayPal, then the widget automatically updates the status bar to show how close you are to your goal as well as how many individual donations have been received.

ChipIn is not the first of its kind, but it is the sleekest and easiest to use that I’ve come across. So whether you’re looking to cover your hosting fees or be the site that raises the most money for cancer research, ChipIn is definitely worth investigating.

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