Aug 222007

As y’all know I’ve been experimenting with the various sponsored review / paid to blog programs. One of those I had the least faith in has come through with flying colors.

BlogToProfit operates quite a bit differently then most of the sponsored review companies. Instead of visiting their site several times a day to see if any opportunities are available to you, BlogToProfit emails you directly with opportunities. Even more unusual is that instead of just telling you the topic or website they send you a spreadsheet file containing one or more opportunities. The spreadsheet lists: date ordered, date due, category, # of links, link target URL, keyword anchor text, and a place for you to enter the permalink of your post. That’s it. No hype, no further direction, just the link and anchor text. You then visit the site’s listed, write your post, enter your permalink and email back the entire spreadsheet.

This seemed rather odd and cumbersome to me, but I was still willing to give it a shot. Now that I’ve gone through a cycle it is odd and cumbersome. But this odd system wasn’t the only thing that had me wary of wether or not I would be paid. Their website is not exactly slick, containing only two total pages (that I was able to find). There is no FAQ, no terms, pretty much just some (relatively) low key hype about what they offer and the opportunity to sign up for their services.

My Experience

I signed up for BlogToProfit on August 7th. Shortly after midnight on August 9th I received my first communication from them. It was the standard welcome message along with-

We can offer you 5 links at $5.00 each on your blog totaling $25 as a trial run.

Please notify me which link categories at the Process & Guidelines link are agreeable to you –

So, that’s how get the terms & guidelines. Only after you sign up. Again, very strange, but I kept going. I read through their terms and selected my categories from: “plastic surgery (At this time we are only accepting publishers who will at least accept sponsors in this category), restaurants, gyms, tattoos, auctions, real estate, web, fashion, cars, dogs, law, and elderly.” My return email letting them know that I agreed to the termswas sent about 30 minutes afteri received their first email.


Nearly five days later I hadn’t heard from them, so I sent off another email as a prompt on August 13th. Two days later I finally received my first “assignment” with 5 sites to review. I did those up over a few days, entered the URLs into the spreadsheet and sent the whole thing back into them.


Another two days passed and on August 19th I received an email stating that my posts had been accepted and I would receive my $25 payment ($5/post) via PayPal on August 22nd. A few hours ago, PayPal notified me I had received the payment! WooHoo!


Although I’ve done quite a few sponsored posts for various companies, it was BlogToProfit, the one I had the least confidence in, that actually paid me first. You can see the PayPal screenshot on my Proof Of Payments page. I still have complete faith in PayPerPost (where my first payment is due next week), while my faith in Blogitive is quickly flagging since they promise to pay weekly, but I’ve yet to receive a payment from them.

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