Aug 212007

It’s fairly well-known now that the United States government essentially installed Sadam Hussein in Iraq and that they are responsible for delivering the vast majority of the armaments to both friends and enemies in the Middle East. Many peace activists, and other anti-war types, will be quick to state that the military, or other US government agencies, are still supplying the insurgents, Al-Qaeda and other “enemies of the state” in the area. But when the U.S. Government Accountability Office starts saying the same thing, perhaps people will start to listen. From The Cincinnati Post

The Defense Department has no clue about what happened to at least 190,000 guns – 110,000 AK47s and 80,000 pistols – that it gave Iraqi security forces in 2004 and 2005, according to a GAO report released Monday. And U.S. officials now concede that at least some of the missing weapons are now being used to kill American troops.

“One senior Pentagon official acknowledged that some of the weapons probably are being used against U.S. forces,” the Washington Post reported Monday. “He cited the Iraqi brigade created at Fallujah that quickly dissolved in September 2004 and turned its weapons against the Americans.”


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  1. Yeah, this is priceless.

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