Aug 212007

I don’t hear a lot of complaints about Philaahzophy (or compliments for that matter [please comment on something to let me know you’re reading!]) but one I have hear dis that it’s too unfocused. I’ve been told the political philosophy of anarchy and systems for earning money online are far too disparate of topics for a single blog. But, every now and then something comes along and proves those naysayers wrong. Today is one of those days…

Lane Hudson, the blogger who had is 15 minutes by breaking the Mark Foley story has found a way to grab another 15 minutes. He’s filed an FEC complaint against Fred Thompson stating that “he has been ignoring the letter and spirit of Federal Election Law for his own political benefit,” by continuing to campaign without actually declaring that he’s running for President.

As I read Mr. Hudson’s post all I could think was “so what?” I intended to write a post pointing out the true use of politics and law (rewarding your friends while punishing your enemies) and how ridiculous things like “election laws” are. But then I started to read the comments on the post and search around the blogoshpere for more info on the story (primarily why it should matter to anyone).

Suddenly, it occured to me. This is the perfect example of how to use controversy to promote your blog and earn more revenue! I don’t know how much it costs to file a complaint with the FEC, but Mr. Hudson is sure to reap far more than the filing fee in short-term Adsense revenue. Not to mention the volume of incoming links to his blog and mainstream press attention.

Lane Hudson may be a left-wing nut, but he’s also a marketing genius.

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