Aug 212007

I no longer recall what I was seeking that brought me to Info4BeingRich, but I certainly know what kept me there long enough to find my way around (somewhat). An article on
The Blog as a Real Estate Tool by Kathryn Lively. But that’s not what this review is about.

Rather, it’s about Info4BeingRich – Earning Money Online Made Easy. I haven’t done many blog reviews because although I’ve been designing on the web for more than a decade I’m still relatively new to the blogosphere. But they not only asked for it, they’re offering a $50 prize as well. So here we go…

Info4BeingRich is strong visually, given the limitations inherent in hosting with Blogger, with good colors and a nice three column format. Having the top row of ads in separate boxes certainly helps focus the visitor’s attention on them. Unfortunately, they aren’t centered in Firefox for some reason giving an initially lopsided feel to the page.

The site’s tagline is Earning Money Online Made Easy… which sounds great, even though it’s repeated thousands of times on thousands of other earning blogs. Of course, I also have a strong bias against using numbers in names (or domains), so the tagline sitting directly under the title of Info4BeingRich didn’t help it earn any points with me. Where it really lets one down though is that it advertises something that is exceedingly difficult to locate. Here are the last ten post titles (as of this writing):

  • Get Rich With Real Income (sponsored post consisting of an excellent review of an online Real Estate course)
  • Strange WWII German Donkey Powered “Mobile” Anti-Tank Platform (a cute picture of no apparent relevance to anything – Oh and the title is in ALL CAPS {blech})
  • Monetize Your Blog With DclickAds (a review of a possible advertising stream that doesn’t give any actual information on payrates, fill rates, or even member requirements – I assume this was a sponsored post as well)
  • Join This Meme – Express Your Emotions (apparently the blogger felt like a clay pot on Saturday, though I’m not sure how my awareness of that emotion allows me to easily make money)
  • US Housing Loan Turmoil – Where Are The Markets Going? ( an interesting article with some good citations, but not seemingly relevant to easy money or online earning in any way)

The average seems to be about 1.5 in 10 posts could possibly be stretched to fit the name or tagline of the site. Now I’m clearly not against sponsored posts, and I’m certainly not exceedingly focused here at Philaahzophy, but I also don’t represent myself as either. People are going to click over to this blog seeking something very specific, but I don’t know how likely they are to find it. Speaking of finding things…

Navigation around Info4BeingRich is cumbersome at best. I was finally able to locate the archives, more than half-a-dozen screen heights down, at the very bottom of the page in the right hand column. Once there each day had to be expanded separately in order to see the titles of the blog posts. Although there is no category list apparent, both sidebars are filled with links to posts in a few basic “categories”: Reviewed Sites (the largest), Reviewed Products, Important Links (important to whom? they seem random to me), Promote Your Blog and Get Huge traffic (big promises and a few nice articles, but this “category” is buried several screens below the fold), Marketing Strategy (does two articles deserve it’s own subsection? Why aren’t these “important”?), Interesting Topics About Blogging (where I fuond the aforementioned real estate article), and Trends Corner (another nonsensical two link section).

I know it seems I’m being pretty hard here, but it’s only because I care. The writing in several articles shows real potential. They’ve obviously networked to some degree, and their visual design skills aren’t bad. But they’re advertising a “product” that they don’t seem interested in offering and are making it difficult for people to find the true value in the site.

Bets of luck to whoever’s behind Info4BeingRich – Earning Money Online Made Easy. I’ll be sure to stop by on occasion to search for those beautiful nuggets. Hopefully, they’ll be a little easier to find next time.

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