Aug 172007

The list of reasons to use Firefox rather than Internet Explorer just keeps on growing. My latest reason: SeeJay covers all kinds of funky tech news, but the real draw, for me at least, is his Firefox Tips. Not only is it a great place to learn how to make the world’s best browser even better, but he’s also currently running a contest. The prize? He’ll run insert the winners Adsense ID on his site for an entire week. He calls it a Revolutionary Blog Contest. I’m not sure exactly how revolutionary it is, given the concept of Adsense Revenue Sharing sites has been around for quite some time, but I do think it’s pretty cool!

  2 Responses to “Revolutionary Or Not This Is A Cool Blog Contest”

  1. I decked send, and waited.

  2. I would gladly take firefox over IE however I’m still partial to Google Chrome. Firefox tends to bog down when you add plugins.

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