Aug 142007

is offering a “sale” for its sellers tomorrow. Anyone starting a listing (auction or Buy It Now) between midnight tonight and tomorrow with a starting bid under $10.00 and including a gallery picture will not be charged the standard listing fee. Gallery pictures are always a good call when selling eBay as they definitely increase the number of bids on any auction.

Standard eBay insertion fees for these types of listings are:
Starting Bid: $0.01 – $0.99
Insertion Fee: $0.20

Starting Bid: $1.00 – $9.99
Insertion Fee: $0.40

Gallery Fee: $0.35

So, even if you don’t normally use Gallery Pictures, you should do so on all listings tomorrow. This is not only an excellent opportunity to see how they increase listing views, but if your starting bid is between $1 and $10, it’s like saving $0.05 and getting a free Gallery picture.

Full details can be seen at this page.

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