Aug 142007

One of the “problems” with being fairly heavily tattooed is that people are always asking you to look at theirs and give your opinion. I’m not much of an art critic and 90% of the tattoos I see are garbage anyway. Especially the ones people are always asking for opinions on. The simple reality is that if you got quality artwork done, you know it. There’s no need to ask for some stranger’s opinion.

The second largest “problem” is people who are thinking about getting a tattoo asking what you think they should get. How am I supposed to know what best represents you? My tattoos are all reminders of concepts and principles that help me with personal problem solving. When I get into a moral or ethical dilemma I can simply look at my tattoos to remind me what’s important.

So, when some guy on a bus the other day finished harassing his wife via cell phone, all the while stroking the leg of some crackhead half his age, then turned to me and asked what kind of ink he should get I recommended a series of cross tattoos on his forehead to remind him of the bible in his lap. Some people’s kids.

  3 Responses to “Can Tattoos Redeem Your Immortal Soul?”

  1. Well I agree that a majority of tattoos now a days aren’t very nice looking or original I don’t think the number is 90% I’m leaning towards 95% 😛

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  2. HAHA! “Some people’s kids” is my FAVORITE quote. I had to give ya a shout out for it.

  3. Haha, tattoos are a matter of preference and usually relate to memories or interests of the person getting the tattoo. I don’t think anyone should listen to someone else recommending what tattoo they should get. Get a tattoo that YOU want on your body for the rest of your life!

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