Aug 102007

I’ve decided to drop two more of the PTR programs I’ve been trying for the last month. They simply aren’t performing well enough in relation to the effort I’m putting into them. I’ll go over each as the reasons for leaving each are somewhat unique.

ValePTR – I joined ValePtr on July 12th, during their prelaunch. Gabriella, the webmistress, is very kind, but apparently new at running such a program as well. I’ve received payment each week as per the terms of the program ($0.02, $0.32, $0.03) and pretty much on time. I’m also expecting another payment this weekend for another penny or two. That’s the upside.

The downside? About half of the time when I click on an email from Vale I get taken to a page telling me that I’ve already visited that advertiser, but inviting me to visit again for free. I don’t join PTR programs to visit advertisers for free. I join PTR programs to get paid fractions of a cent to visit advertisers. If their system can remember that I’ve already seen an ad when I visit the website, then it should be able to avoid sending me the duplicate email in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, this happens occasionally in every PTR program. But it’s literally 50% of the emails I receive from Vale each day. It’s simply a waste of my time. There are plenty of other paid emails I could be “spending” those clicks on as well.

Earning $0.02 per week (with 3 referrals) is not my idea of generating income. Especially when more than half the page views are essentially unpaid. You’ve probably noticed a large discrepancy in that 2nd week’s earnings. That comes from the fact that I won a contest for $0.20, and received a special advertiser commission for $0.10. ValePTR may turn into a great program someday, but right now it’s not for me.

DreamcatcherAds – These guys have been on a slippery slope towards being dropped pretty much since the day I joined on on July 12th. First they were having major problems with their software. Then they apparently bought a new script and everything went really crazy for a few days. At the end of July they apparently had some major problems with their point to cash conversion (another reason I detest point programs), and sent out several emails about it. In fact, I consistently receive more emails from the program owner then from actual advertisers. Their final email on the issue was dated July 27th, and is reprinted below:

Okay, things seem to have been worked out with the member accounts. What we did is this: We rolled earnings and points back to July 16th, we had no choice. There was 10 days of missing data in the database backups so what we did was convert all points that each member had up until the 16th of July and then because we had all points data lost after that day until the present, we credited each active members account with 5 cents per day that they were active. So if in that 10 day period, you were active 5 days, you received 25 cents, 10 days 50 cents etc. Sorry but this is the best we could do. From now on there will be database backups done everyday or every other day. Another important note is that in the next couple of days we hope to have the ref contest count fixed.

Thank you all for being patient. Things seem to be back to normal now but I will need a couple of days to catch up on all the work I have not been able to get done. If you have pending advertising orders, they will be processed soon as well and Gold Membership advertising for the new members.

Login to your accounts and see if you agree with your current earnings. We tried to get them as close as possible.

In other words, they essentially made up the data. Would you accept this from a traditional employer? I wouldn’t. The only reason I hung around at all was because after the “fix” I had around $1.50 in earnings and payout had been raised from $1.00 to $2.00. This change happened without notice sometime before the “fix”. Throwing away my referrals is bad enough, I wasn’t going to throw away money as well. So I hung in there until yesterday when I hit the magic $2.00 mark. I immediately went to the “redemption” area, but the option to cash out my $2.00 was not enabled. Thinking maybe it just took some time to update, I worked on other projects for a few hours. When I returned, it still wouldn’t allow me to cash out. So I hit a PTC to earn another $0.0025 and suddenly I could cash out my $2. I did so, then used the site contact form to send the message to the admin:

There’s a bug in the redemption system. When I reached $2.00 earlier today I went to request my cashout. None of the $2.00 redemtions were enabled. It was only later, after I’d earned OVER $2.00 that I was able to select any of the $2.00 value redemptions.

Not that big a deal to me, but I thought I’d let you know as it cn be a bit irritating.

A note about their contact form. You must enter your “username” and email in this form. Considering the form is only accessible when logged in to your account I don’t understand why, but I dutifully completed them. Apparently, though I typod my username. This is because you don’t actually receive a username at dreamcatcherads but a usernumber. Twenty minutes later, I received the following email from Elaine, the site admin:

from Elaine Savoy
subject re: other
Its a bit irritating when someone cheats and has TWO accounts also. I was
ready to pay you so I am glad you messaged me again. First you came through
as member 763 and then 768 and I just checked the ips and computer ids and
they are one and the same. I am now deleting both of your accounts.

—– Original Message —–
From: “ireadupay”
Sent: Friday, August 10, 2007 12:36 AM
Subject: Other
> name: Aahz
> username: 768
> bquestion_type: Bug report on redemption
> message_type: There’s a bug in the redemption system. When I reached
> $2.00 earlier today I went to request my cashout. None of the $2.00
> redemtions were enabled. It was only later, after I’d earned OVER $2.00
> that I was able to select any of the $2.00 value redemptions.
> Not that big a deal to me, but I thought I’d let you know as it cn be a
> bit irritating.
> ——————————-
> Sender Info:
> COMPUTER ID: 20070809090232×521649677540

Confused and alarmed (I’ve never created multiple accounts at any PTR and had no idea #768 was. It took me all of two seconds to notice that the automated footer on my message to the admin listed my “username” as 763, while I had entered 768. I quickly went to the site and logged into my account to confirm my actual “username”. Despite it being almost 30 minutes since Elaine’s email my account was still available and looked unchanged. It was only after checking my downline stats that I realized that she had actually deleted my downline instead of delting me. I had no way of telling if she had deleted their account or just removed them from my downline, so sent off a message to my downline to find out. I then returned her email as follows:

from Aahz
to Elaine Savoy
subject re: other
Excuse me? I typed in the wrong usernumber when sending you a message so you’re deleting my account? You can see for yourself there at the bottom of the message, where your system puts in the account number, that I’m user 763. It’s only where I typed it in myself that I put the wrong number. Obvious, you have total control over whether or not you choose to pay me the money I earned, but I’d like to think you’d have higher standards of proof then a simple typo on my part.

Why, exactly would I run two accounts that weren’t connected to each other anyway? If I was going to run multiple accounts wouldn’t the point be to earn referral money? But the only referral I’ve ever had at your site is #807, though apparently you’ve just deleted them as well.

So, simple question. Should I be expecting my two dollars or not?

I then headed off to see if I could find anyone who might be help to help me negotiate for my $2, images of Better Off Dead running through my head. A reply came 15 minutes later:

from Elaine Savoy
subject re: other
Sorry, I admit it was my mistake. I am overtired and I did not check the member number at the bottom.


It’s nice to see someone admit their mistake, but I hate it when people don’t answer simple and direct questions. So-

from Aahz
to Elaine Savoy
subject re: other
I understand being overworked and overtired. That’s probably what led to my mistake as well. Unfortunately, I’m still left with the question I ended my last message with: should I be expecting that $2 or not?


Five minutes later I received a notice from PayPal that she’d paid me followed quickly by her last message:

from Elaine Savoy
subject re: other
I have already made your payment and reinstated your account.

Instead of pointing out that she’d never actually deleted my account, I simply sent a simple “Thank You” in return.
Today I heard back from my downline confirming that their account is, in fact, active. They are also showing again in my downline. So I believe she actually deleted their account entirely, but then reinstated it after I pointed out her mistake.

I realize that quoting all those emails can be a bit burdensome to read through, but I like to be completely transparent whenever sharing a conflict (I didn’t even fix my typos). I’m canceling my account with Dreamcatcherads as soon as this is posted. This is not the type of person I want to earn money for, much less from. Regardless of your feelings about this particular program and admin, I hope you see that questioning an admin’s actions can sometimes achieve the goal you desire.

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  1. You got out of this one in the nick of time. A couple of months later she was asking for donations to keep the site running! Then she bought more sites and since September 2008 has been asking for donations to keep all of them online and make payments to the members.


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