Aug 092007

In exactly two weeks my daughter will officially be in Junior High. Okay, it’s technically called Middle School, but still. It’s a new school with new friends, enemies and teachers, not to mention an entirely new scheduling system with multiple classes to attend and a lot more options then she’s had in the past. I feel like she’s well prepared, overall: she achieved honor roll regularly at her elementary school and was class president, but I’m also worried about her being able to step up to the challenges of tougher academics. The social sciences aren’t tough for her because we spend a lot of homeschooling time on those, same with english. Math, however she struggles with.

It’s not that she’s not good at math, nor that she doesn’t get it. It’s just aggravating for her. Repeating the same basic formula over and over again is drudgery. With algebra and geometry on their way I fear her internal resistance is going to build up to a brick wall. So, I’m out shopping for Math Tutors. There’s a Score! Educational Center about a half hour from us, and they always promise they can make learning fun. Here’s hoping they can find a way to make the numbers dance on the page for my daughter.

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  1. In 14 days I fly my daughter to Dallas to attend the University of Dallas. She’ll be studying History and Literature, taking Dante & Latin in the first semester. As thrilled as I am to see her pursue her dreams, the selfish part of me dreads her leaving. She’s been my buffer for years.

    My ex-husband is coming with us to drop her off the school. Oh, the joy.

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