Aug 072007

You’d be hard pressed to have have visited more than half a dozen blogs in the last year without hearing about the PayPerPost blog network. Essentially, they act as a matchmaker between advertisers and bloggers, offering both the best of the other’s world. Advertisers know that a blog post is the ultimate in online “word of mouth” and offers a far better return on their investment than banner or text link advertising. Bloggers appreciate being paid up front for simply doing what they’re already doing: writing about and linking to websites and services.

As soon as I recommitted myself to blogging on a regular basis I knew PayPerPost was something I wanted to be a part of. Unfortunately, my blog wasn’t “seasoned” enough to join. Once I had enough posts (20+) over the right time frame (90 days) I signed up at PayPerPost. Unfortunately, it seems I had miscounted, and received an email a few days later telling me my blog had been rejected. A week later I tried again. This time I was rejected because I did not have the full text of all of my posts visible on the front page of my blog. Frustrated, I reread the Terms of Service only to discover that this requirement was not listed anywhere. Instead I found this requirement (as well as a few others) on their message boards, so be sure to check there, as well as their blog, before submitting your blog for approval. A couple of days later I’d adjusted everything according to their requirements and submitted Philaahzophy once again, only to be rejected a third time. This time they said it was “because it appears that many of your entries are comprised of articles from other sources. Only blogs made up of primarily original material may be approved to our site.” Now I was not only frustrated, but angry. A quick bit of “ticket love” (as they call customer service messages) managed to clear this up, though. Over the ensuing week it’s been nothing but gravy.

PayPerPost is not only a great way to earn money through your blog, but it’s also a wonderful community. Knowing there’s a price tag on what I’m writing has caused me to push myself to become a better writer. Luckily, the PayPerPost community has been an excellent resource as well. Many of the best writers (and designers) in the blogosphere are regulars at PayPerPost, and being able to interact with them is not only entertaining, but educational. The employees are both friendly and fun, as are the majority of the “posties” who inhabit the official blogs and message boards.

As excited as I was to start exploring the world of being a professional writer, I knew that with such a young and unknown blog, I wasn’t likely to generate many offers. Much to my surprise, I’ve had a half dozen to chose from every single day. In seven days of being a member I’ve taken advantage of seven opportunities, earning an average of more than $10 for each of them. Pretty good for a site without either a Google or Alexa PageRank. You can even get a guaranteed $7.50 for your very first opportunity by joining PayPerPost through one of the “Review My Post” buttons you can see at the bottom of each of my entries.

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  4. Are you allowed to have a PPP account if your blog is adsense enabled? I just don’t want to risk being banned from adsense.

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  5. I love the new banner. You need to go back to posting WG stuff. lol I really miss ur posting. I am so ready for the Nobody english version.


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