Aug 052007

I joined the PTR/PTP program on July 9,2007. I joined after finding them on where they are a Diamond member of 2+ years, and had been in business for more than five years, which is almost unheard of in the PTR world. With a $4.00 minimum payout, 5 referral levels (20%-10%-5%-5%-1%) and zero complaints against them it seemed almost a no brainer to join if one was going to join any PTR program. But a month later I’m canceling my account. Not because they’ve done anything wrong, not because I don’t believe I’ll be paid, but because it’s simply too expensive a program to participate in.

Like most Paid To Read programs, WePaid is free to join, though they do offer a Gold Membership which awards advertising credits and free referrals. It’s not the money that’s become too expensive, but the time. Most PTR programs require 4 to 5 clicks in order to read and view a paid ad: 1) open email, 2) click on link, 3) click on CAPTCHA number (sometimes), 4) close window with ad after 10-20 second timer has expired, 5) delete email. WePaid emails require 5 clicks every single time: 1) open email, 2) click on link, 3) confirm account (every time), 4) close window after 20 second timer has expired, 5) delete email. That extra click may not seem like a lot, but it ads up, believe me. In addition to the slow load time of the confirmation page and the longer timer. My current favorite PTR program, Myster-E-Mail, always has a PTC banner in the runner at the top of the paid ads. This allows a single click for each paid ad viewed.

At Myster-E-Mail, the standard payment is $0.00015 for a 10 second timer. At WePaid, the 4 extra clicks and double length timer nets me 10 points. At the end of the month these points are supposed to be converted to cash. The exchange rate can vary each month, but for email ads has consistently been 200 email points equal $0.01 for the last six months. This works out to $0.0005 per email. But WePaid only sends 3 to 5 emails per day, while Myster-E-Mail send around 100 emails each day, plus has 100+ PTC ads in rotation on any given day. The differences add up very quickly.

Through Myster-E-Mail I’ve personally earned around $1.00 in my first month (clicking around 2% of the emails I’m sent). At WePaid I personally earned around $0.06 (clicking 90% of the emails I’m sent). I have two referrals in each program earning 20% at WePaid and 25% at Myster-E-Mail, but have earned less than a penny at WePaid compared to a nickel from Myster-E-Mail. I’ve been paid 7 times by Myster-E-Mail, but don’t expect to be paid by WePaid until June 2011 at the rate I’m going now. By then I will have earned nearly $100 at Myster-E-Mail assuming I have no more referrals.

People are constantly saying that PTR programs are a scam. I don’t believe WePaid is scamming me. I believe they have lived up to their end of our contract perfectly. I also believe that in June of 2012 they’d happily pay me the $4.00 I will have earned. I’m just not interested in waiting that long to earn that little when so many other programs now pay weekly or monthly and generate revenue at a much quicker pace.

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  1. The above post is a superb evaluation of wepaid — so I will not be joining wepaid. I will also not join the above recommended Myster-E-Mail because it is also low paying compared to these ptr/ptc programs listed here
    My favorites are numbers 2, 5, and 7.
    To your success,

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