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This is an extended review of the contents of the Rich Jerk Updated eBook. About once a week, I’ll post the details from another chapter. I’ll do my best to keep my opinions out of it and just present the steps he suggests you follow. I’ll also be skipping the basics (if you don’t know what an adsense, adwords, or an affiliate program is, there are plenty of places to learn for free. Additionally, I’ll be skipping the examples for brevity and the attitude and profanity for the sake of decorum.

Welcome to Chapter One of The Rich Jerk Updated: Creating An Affiliate Website That Sells Like Crazy This first chapter is divided into five sections: Affiliate Networks, Sales Letters, Offering Rebates, Getting Paid Per Lead, and Building Your Affiliate Website.

Affiliate Networks To Join

Not surprisingly, as an eBook seller, the Rich Jerk recommends selling information products, though he also covers affiliate networks for physical products as well. In order to find the top-paying programs within these affiliate networks make sure to sort by EPC (Earnings Per Click) as these are going to generate the most revenue for each person who follow your links. There’s not a lot of point in promoting a product that will pay you only partial pennies on the dollar unless it’s a product you can really get behind and know you can pass through a large quantity of leads. He recommends the following Affiliate Networks in order:

  • ClickBank – The king of the info affiliate networks!
  • Commission Junction – The largest product related affiliate network
  • LinkShare – Plenty of top level companies use LinkShare
  • Performics – A lot of Brick & Mortar stores go through Performics
  • WebSponsors – Many “free giveaway” programs
  • ShareASale – Been in the game a very long time
  • ClickXchange – A lot of small site, including things like overseas pharmacies.

Writing Sales Letters

The Rich Jerk gives five 5 keys to writing an effective sales letter:

  1. Give ‘Em Hope– Everyone, probably including you, is looking for the “shortcut”. They hope to find some secret to make them rich, beautiful, happy, or all of the above. Your sales letter needs to reflect and feed off of this impulse. Especially with information products, hope is key. Simply telling people that buying your product will make all their dreams come true won’t get them to shell over the cash, but it will keep them reading, and that’s where the other steps come in.
  2. Create A Sense Of Urgency– People reading your sales letter are doing so right then. They clicked over to your page or did a Google search for your topic because they’re looking to solve some problem or fulfill some need, right now, so don’t let them get away. The Rich Jerk recommends avoiding those “order by midnight to save %50” type of scripts that automatically reset every day. instead, actually hard code in a deadline: the end of the week, the end of the month, or what have you. Once the deadline is passed, there’s no reason you can’t update the site to reflect a new deadline. He also recommends using a countdown to create urgency, such as “Only the next 25 people to order”, and then crossing out the 25 and reducing it to 22, in order to indicate that others are already taking advantage of your offer.
  3. Be An Authority– This is the internet, so it doesn’t matter if you really are an authority on the product you’re pushing, as long as you appear to be an authority. Never forget that classic advertising line: “I’m not a dentist, but I play one on TV.”
  4. Appear Unbiased– The Rich Jerk also recommends avoiding the appearance that you have any personal stake in whether or not the person buys the product. If you appear to be an independent reviewer rather than an affiliate marketer people are more likely to believe in both you and your product. Getting “medals” or “seals” from organizations like the Better Business Bureau can go a long way towards giving this impression as well. Look into,, and other sites that give awards to top sites and have a trophy you can display on your sales site.
  5. Encourage Fear– Fear is the greatest motivator known to mankind. Even stronger then hope, which is why you’ll use both in your sales letter. You need to make your reader actually afraid that if they don’t buy your product, or even worse, buy someone else’s product, then tragedy will surely follow. The internet is known for two things: porn and scams. If you’re not selling pornography, then use the scams out there to help sell your product.

Bringing it all together: an effective sales letter will tie all 5 of these concepts together. Encourage their hopes of a better life for only the cost of your product, feed their sense of urgency that they need to act immediately, inflame their fears and then ensure the end to those fears by appearing to be an independent researcher who’s separated the wheat from the chaff just for them.

  • Be Contrarian (optional)- If you’re selling your own product, an effective sales pitch can be to encourage people not to buy your product. That’s right, by insisting that people try other products first, you create a bond of trust that can make people actually choose your product instead. In fact, this is one of the Rich Jerk’s primary sales gimmicks for his own eBooks.

Offer Rebates

ClickBank in particular offers very high percentages to its affiliates. Additionally many of these programs or eBooks are searched for by name and are available from literally hundreds of other affiliates. One way to stand out is to offer a rebate of part of your affiliate fee. If you’re receiving a 60% affiliate fee, offer to give people who purchase from your site a 30% rebate if they send you a copy of their receipt 60 days after this purchase. The waiting period serves two purposes: it allows you to ensure they didn’t get a refund from ClickBank, and the vast majority of people won’t remember to request their rebate anyway.

Pay Per Lead

In addition to generating affiliate sales, many companies will pay you just to generate targeted sales leads. These are primarily financial companies: home mortgage, credit repair, life and auto insurance companies. The Rich Jerk recommends offering some topical tips of your own for free, but only after the visitor completes the lead form offered by your sponsor. Make sure to check the terms of the program before doing this, though as many frown on such incentivized leads.

Building Your Affiliate Website

If you’re looking for HTML tips or site construction advice then the Rich Jerk is not your guy. He does however have a couple of excellent suggestions:

  • xSitePro is a WYSIWYG website building program designed with internet marketers in mind. With a price tag of only $197 this software is not only significantly cheaper then Adobe Dreamweaver ($400), but is actually much more functional for an internet marketing site. If you’re serious about building an affiliate empire, you can’t go wrong with xSitePro.
  • If you’re still intimidated by the idea of building your own website, then you’ll want to head to Site Build It! They’re an all-in-one website builder and hosting company focused exclusively on internet marketing. Pay only $299 for one full year of SBI! all inclusive, with no additional monthly charges.
  • If you’ve got the experience and the tools to build the site yourself, then I highly recommend getting an account with They let you host multiple sites in one package, offer free domain names, have great prices and amazing customer service. They’ve been my primary webhost for more than five years now, hosting dozens of websites from simple one pagers to high traffic forums and other database driven sites without a single hitch. Ever.

I realize this was a very long post and appreciate you sticking with me all the way to the end. In the next installment we’ll look at the Rich Jerk’s ideas for using PPC Search results to drive traffic to your sites. Then we’ll tackle Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Creating and Selling your Own Information product, Buying and Selling on eBay, and more!

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  2. One problem with internet marketing, however, is that some websites participating in networks are at risk of “misbehavior,” while
    the researchers term it, behavior that is largely unseen because of the advertisers or even the affiliate networks themselves.

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