Jul 252007

Francois Tremblay, of Check Your Premises, recently presented a new symbol which can now be seen on the top of each page here at Philaahzophy. It’s called the Voluntary Victory symbol

Voluntary Victory symbol

The concept was developed by Niels van der Linden (of The Freedom Channel), and the final result was made by Shawn Huckabay (XOmniverse on YouTube).

Its meaning, I hope, is clear:

* The black and gold colours are taken from the Market Anarchist flag, and, respectively, represent Anarchy and the market.

* The outer and inner V stand for Victory (V for Victory) as well as Voluntaryism.

* The handshake at the top represents, as handshakes in general do, mutual trust, voluntary trade, and by extension society.

As a whole, it can also be said to represent two important facts: one, that our ultimate goal is to promote society against the State, and not any specific ideal, and two, that victory can only be achieved by voluntary means.

-from Check Your Premises

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  1. Excellent! I’m glad to know someone out there appreciates it!

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