Jul 242007

The following is copied completely frmo the Downsizer Dispatch email I received this morning. Downsizer Dispatch is the newsletter of DownsizeDC.org

Subject: Congress to vote tomorrow on amendment to stop federal arrests in medical marijuana states

Everyone is different. Some people are helped by Vioxx, while others are endangered by it. Some medications work in some cases, but not in others. Medical marijuana does little for some patients, but it’s the difference between life and death for many individuals. Your mileage may vary. One size does not fit all.

Federal law doesn’t work this way. It takes no account of individual differences and needs. Federal law applies to everyone, equally, from the top down. It tries to nail square pegs into round holes.

The pegs are people. The hammering leads to suffering and death. Those who run the federal government seem not to care. One size must be made to fit all.

America’s Founders didn’t think this way. They were wise and had vision. They knew that one size could not be made to fit all. They wanted power to be decentralized, to allow different mixtures of laws in different places and at different levels. This is why they gave us the 10th Amendment, to limit the centralized power of the federal government.

The federal marijuana laws are a violation of the 10th Amendment. The federal government has no constitutional authority for such laws. This was a power left to the states. Many states have now decided, either in their legislatures, or by a popular vote of the people, to permit the use of marijuana for medical purposes, much as morphine and other mind altering drugs have long been allowed.

These states have placed the power where it belongs, in the hands of doctors and patients.

But the federal government has vetoed these decisions. Federal authorities have usurped the power to make everyone, everywhere, comply with their paranoid preferences about marijuana.

Never mind the Constitution. Never mind human rights.

Never mind popular will. Never mind science.

Never mind what doctors say. Never mind individual differences.

Never mind suffering and death.

Fortunately, there are an increasing number of people in Congress who takes their oaths of office seriously, at least with regard to this issue. They want the federal government to respect state laws with regard to medical marijuana.

Representatives Hinchey and Rohrbacher have been pushing an amendment (the Hinchey-Rohrbacher amendment) that would make the federal government respect state marijuana laws. Longtime Downsizers will probably remember our campaign on this from last year: “I’ve got a Hinchey in my Rohrbacher and I need medical marijuana to fix it.”

This amendment has done better and better each year. It won 163 votes last year. We’re hoping for even more this time. A vote on the amendment is expected tomorrow, so now is the time to urge Congress to pass it. You can do so here.

Follow-up phone calls would also be helpful.

If you’re not familiar with DownsizeDC.org, thay are a non-partisan organization determined to decrease the size of the federal government through such “radical” steps as insisting that your elected representatives actually read the bills they vote on and that your elected representatives actually write the laws instead of allowing anonymous bureaucrats with no accountability make up whatever rules they wish.

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