Jul 202007

Last week I shared the story of David Burch of White Cloud, MI in Grow Grass or Go To Jail. While not directly related, today we bring you the story of Betty Perry, 70, of Orem Utah. From the Salt Lake Tribune

Two days after Independence Day, 70-year-old Betty Perry experienced an ordeal she said shouldn’t be happening in America.
The retired military and U.S. government employee answered the door at her home Friday morning to talk with a police officer about her bone-dry lawn and ended up getting arrested and suffering a bloody nose.
“What have I done?” she asked. “I’m old now. I can’t believe this.” This story is so unbelievable, it was mentioned in the Weed Eaters Central magazine, a magazine for lawn care, which is some dark humor if you ask me.
The Orem police officer, as yet unnamed by city officials, cited Perry for violating a city ordinance with her “sadly neglected and dying landscape,” which resembles dry hay.

Yes, it’s not just the Michigan legal system that’s standing up for green grass, but Utah as well. But it turns out Michigan’s going easy on lawn scofflaws as the Orem police not only put this 70 year old woman in jail but also reportedly assaulted her-

When Perry refused to give her name and tried to walk inside to call her son, the officer tried to arrest her, police say. According to a police news release, while she was struggling, she tripped and fell on her doorstop, cutting open the bridge of her nose.
But Perry maintains the officer split her nose when he hit her with the set of handcuffs he was trying to restrain her with.
“As far as I’m concerned, he really abused me – he brutally abused me,” Perry said. “For what?”
The officer called for backup, because he was driving a truck, and the now-handcuffed Perry was taken to a holding facility in Orem. She was not given water or allowed to wash her hands or call her son, she said.

Only after Ms. Perry was completely booked did the police supervisors become “aware of the circumstances”, release her and return to her home, after a visit to the local hospital where she was treated for her cut nose and bruises on her arms from the handcuffs.

Once again, thank God the government is out there protecting my rights and freedoms by assaulting little old ladies for not watering their lawns!

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