Jul 152007

I’ve rejoined the PTR (Paid-To-Read) and GPT (Get-Paid-To) worlds over the last few weeks in an attempt to earn a little extra income online. {For a brief overview of these programs see my What You Should Know About Pay To Surf Sites – though it needs to be updated after six years}. I will be trying out several programs and only promoting the best via this blog. Though I may review some of those I’m not interested in promoting in order to share my experiences with you readers.


The “Official” Pitch:

MeM Bullet FREE Membership

MeM Bullet Get Paid for Reading Your eMail and solving mysteries

MeM Bullet NO MINIMUM PAYOUT (once a month!!) and lots of random payouts!

MeM Bullet 4 Levels of Lifetime Upgraded Memberships Available!! All except referrals only membership come with LOTS of monthly ads!

MeM Bullet International Members who can READ and UNDERSTAND English are Welcome!! (some exceptions, please see and read TERMS!!)

MeM Bullet No points here unless the webmistress messes up on an ad! GIGGLE!!

MeM Bullet 1 Ref levels of commission under you ***** Level 1 – 25%

Our Pitch

  • 70-100 emails per day! + numerous onsite PTC + onsite manual surf + contest PTC
  • Never any site debt. Webmistress constantly makes small random payouts to most members (can request otherwise if you wish)
  • 25% for refs is a great bonus for recuiters.
  • I’m averaging $1.00+ per week without referrals.

Working the Program

I will never advocate cheating. It’s a bad idea all the way around. But here’s how I maximize my pre-referral earnings at Myster-E-Mail

  1. I skip most of the emails from this program. There are just too many for me to keep up with in addition to the PTCs, manual surf, etc. Individual emails just take too long when they’re only earning 0.015 cents each.
  2. I hit all of the emails that are worth more than 0.015 cents and the vast majority of the multi-link emails.
  3. I do all of the PTC on the site – twice a day.
  4. I surf all of the manual surf – twice a day. Their manual surf doesn’t have that many ads and I can easily do this while working on other computer projects, so it’s not nearly as time consuming as emails are.
  5. I do the contest PTC whenever the next winner is within 100 clicks.
  6. I play Hangman. It’s not quick, but it is fun. Plus, because the only category I’ve seen is “web programming terms” I’m pretty darn good at it as well. Whenever you ‘win’ a hangman game you get two 0.25 cent PTC banners.
  7. Here’s my big ‘trick’ for this site…. every time you click through an email or PTC the runner at the top (which says “Your account has been credited. Thank You!” has another 0.015 PTC banner. I keep clicking through these until the “CHEAT BANNER! DO NOT CLICK!” banner shows up or I get a scripting error. I’m not sure if these come from the PTC section or not, but clicking them from here is a fast and easy way to multiply those partial pennies.

I HIGHLY recommend this program. It’s got something for everyone, one of the most respected webmistresses around, and super fast payouts that are as guaranteed as anything in the GPT community. My only complaint is that I find the website design ugly, though I suppose some may like it, and that her “warnings” about cheaters and following the rules are a bit too frequent and overbearing at times.


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