Jul 102007

You won’t often see posts from me that applaud reporters, but this is a wonderful exception:

Tucson Citizen 07/10/07-

Flagstaff T-shirt vendor Dan Frazier has been berated as scum, a rectum and a war profiteer.

Frazier, 42, calls himself an anti-war activist and an entrepreneur.

A bill passed by the Legislature and signed into law in May by Gov. Janet Napolitano is making him a criminal.

Crafted specifically to stop Frazier from selling anti-war T-shirts printed with a list of the American troops killed in Iraq, the measure outlaws using a dead soldier’s name for “commercial purposes” without permission of next of kin.

They crafted this bill specifically to shut down one guy’s t-shirt business. How is that a wise use of government funds, time and effort? How can it be not be obvious that the Supreme Court will never uphold this law as it’s clearly a violation of his free speech? The names of soldiers that died in Iraq are a matter of public record. Why? Because it was our tax dollars that paid their salaries, paid the costs of sending them to Iraq, and continue to pay death benefits to their families. They work(ed) for us.

There is some good news however:

If U.S. soldiers are fighting to give Iraqis the same freedoms Americans enjoy – including free speech – then those muzzling Frazier are dishonoring the legacy of the slain.

Kudos to Anne T. Denogean of the Tucson Citizen for being one of the few American reporters that still has some understanding of the word freedom.

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