Jun 012007

Z finally conceded that she wants some hamsters in her room. Good news, except that she wants their cages and tubes to be primarily pink so they’ll match her Disney Princess decor. Despite the dozens of cages and hundreds of tubes I’ve collected over the last year, there was a serious dearth of pink, so it was time to go shopping again.

S.A.M. has a new Here’n’There line of cages and the smaller one is pink, so we decided that would be primary home. Retail cost $40.00 ::sigh:: The cage is so new that it’s not really available on eBay yet, and half my online suppliers didn’t have them in stock. Saving money was going to take some serious effort.
First, I managed to pick up a $57.46 Petco gift card at CardAvenue for only $41.00.
Checking BigCrumbs I found they were offering a 7.2% rebate for Petco. Not bad. Then I remembered that I needed to earn another $1 or $2 through FatWallet before the end of the month to earn a bonus $5 from them. Turns out FatWallet offers an 8% rebate at Petco. Even better.
Doing a Gmail search for Petco turns up an online discount code of 15% off any supply order of $50 or more. I’m so glad I’ve learned to Archive the pet store spam instead of deleting it like I used to. Anyway, for some reason, hamster housing counts as a “supply” and I’m never one to argue my way out of money, so…
Off to Petco.com I go and upon entering the Small Animal section I discover that they’re having a B1G1 sale on 10 liter bags of CareFresh (hands down the best hamster litter available, and something I constantly need). I decided to give the Ultra CareFresh a try as it was included in the twofer deal and was only $1.00 more.
Total items purchased:
$39.99 – SAM Here & There Home and Traveler Starter Kit
$4.99 – CareFresh
$4.99 – CareFresh
$5.99 – CareFresh Ultra
$5.99 – CareFresh Ultra
$5.99 – CareFresh Ultra
$5.99 – CareFresh Ultra
$3.99 – Sales Tax
$7.60 – S&H
<$16.97> – Free CareFresh & CareFresh Ultra
<$8.54> – E-Mail code
<$1.05> – Shipping discount (not sure how/why I got this, but I’ll take it 😉
<$57.46> – Value of Gift Card
<$4.55> – Rebate from FatWallet
<$5.00> – Bonus from FatWallet I almost missed
$1.50 – TOTAL DUE
$41.00 – Paid for GC
Total order value: $85.52 Total Cost: $32.95 Savings: $52.57 or 62%

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