Apr 162007

Yesterday was “Tax Day”. The day most Americans fear, when government intrusion in our lives is the most evident, the day the tax collector rides up to your hovel on his fine steed, drinks the water from the well you dug by hand, and takes 3 of the remaining 4 healthy chickens from your gnarled, arthiritic hands. Or perhaps I’m being overdramatic? We shall see.

Tax day has been my call to action (not because my taxes were too high – I qualified for a full refund – but because I’ve finally seen the gun in the room. Primarily due to the Free Talk Live radio program and an article at lewrockwell.com by Stefan Molyneux. My favorite part:

I was recently involved in a debate with a woman about public schools. Naturally, she came up with reason after reason as to why public schools were beneficial, how wonderful they were for underprivileged children, how essential they were for social stability etc etc. Each of these points – and many more – could have consumed hour upon hour of back and forth, and would have required extensive research and complicated philosophical reasoning. But there was really no need for any of that – all I had to do was keep saying:

“The issue is not whether public schools are good or bad, but rather whether I am allowed to disagree with you without getting shot.”

What my non-anarchist friends fail to see, is that this is the basic question. They, of course, refuse to see the gun and claim I’m being over dramatic. But the simple truth remains the same. If I disagree with public schools (or any other government program) and therefore refuse to pay taxes to fund them I will be forced at the point of a gun. Sure, first there will be letters, and those are easy to ignore. Next they’ll add still more lines to my already overflowing with negativity credit report. Not that they’ll be noticed amongst all the legitimate debts I’ve struggled so hard to pay back. But one day, eventually, the police will come and knock and my door. They’ll have guns on their hips and insist that I come with them. If I refuse, they’ll insist some more, and perhaps even use pepper spray or a taser. Should I continue to resist the guns will come out. All because I disagreed with spending my hard earned cash on public schools (or some other government program). It’s ridiculous, but you know it’s true.

What most Americans fail to see is that those guns were there all along. We don’t pay our taxes because we WANT to. Otherwise they’d just call it charity. We pay our taxes because we HAVE to – on pain of death. This realization has revitalized me. I’m making a “New Tax Year” resolution. I’m going to dedicate a couple of hours a day to learning more about government, libertarianism, and anarchy so that I can better share the truth to both my daughter and the public at large. Restarting this blog will be a step in that direction.

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