Mar 252006

This is the first time I’ve ever tried to figure something like this out, so have no idea if I’ve got some glaring mistakes (left out or added in), but I think it’s a pretty good accounting of where I stand right now.

According to NetWorthIQ this gives me a negative net worth of <$31,146> as of this moment.

The numbers-My “personal property” is very much an estimate, but I’d be surprised to get more than $1500 for everything I own. The only things not counted in income (or expected income) are some open ended personal loans that I’ve made to people and the giant jar o’ change downstairs.

Wallet: $306.00
HSBC Savings: $674.38 [earning 4.8%]
VirtualBank Savings: $150.00 [earning 4.6%]
NetBank Checking: $409.22 [earning 0.74%]
TOTAL: $1539.60
Car: ~$500.00
Personal Property: ~$1000.00
TOTAL: $1500.00
Paycheck: ~$600.00 (3/31/06)
Rent from boarder: $100.00 (4/01/06)
SBC from boarder: ~$40.00 (4/01/06) [will vary based on bill reduction]
Rebates: $200.00 (4/??/06)
Web work: $750.00 (4/??/06)
TOTAL: $1590.00

Back Rent: $12,018
Back Child Support: $19601.47 [paying 10% interest]
Back Interest on Child Support: $2160.08
M/C: $102.00 [paying 0% interest thus far]
TOTAL: <$33881.55>

Car Insurance: $53.08 (due 3/27/06)
Rent: $950.00 (due 4/1/06)
PG&E: $76.09 (due 4/4/06)
SBC: $85.10 (due 4/12/06) [This bill is messed up and will be reduced]
Child Support: $385.00 (due 4/15/06)
Interest on Back Child Support: $142.14 (due 4/15/06)
Federal Taxes: ~$100.00 (due 4/15/06)
TOTAL: <$1791.41>

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