Mar 242006

I decided a few weeks ago to take advantage of a few more Online Savings Account Savings Bonuses, so requested a VirtualBank referral from Jonathan at MyMoneyBlog. Eventually I want to open an Emigrant Direct and an ING account through him as well, so I can then “sell” my referrals back to him for further distribution. Besides, his blog was the one that really got me moving forward, on these new account bonuses, so I think he deserves to make a little something from me in the process.

On Tuesday I submitted my application to VirtualBank. On Wednesday I received an email from them telling me how to report the test deposits they’d made into my NetBank checking account. Those deposits didn’t actually show up until around 3:30 this morning. Once they did I went to VirtualBank to confirm them, but kept getting 500 Internal Server Errors instead of the confirmation page. Not a good sign.
Around 4:15 this morning I tried again and successfully confirmed the deposits. The confirmation message stated that in three more days my account would be accessible. So now it’s back to wait and see mode.

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