Mar 232006

I’ve only been reading personal finance blogs for a few months now, but they frequently make me laugh (in ways the author did not expect). For example, today Jonathan at MyMoneyBlog, posted about saving $250/yr on haircuts, and received 25 comments in about 18 hours. I just had to laugh.
Why? Because I haven’t had my hair cut (period) in about 3 years. Simply can’t afford it, and don’t bother finding someone to do it for me. Most of my friends can only afford one or two haircuts a year. Yes, we have split ends but you learn to deal with it. Split ends, after all, aren’t nearly as unhealthy as living on the Ramen diet.

I can’t shake the feeling that any day now I’m going to check my newsreader only to read that some blogger has realized that it’s possible to shave without shaving cream and they’re now going to save $35/yr! WooHoo!! I haven’t used shaving cream in over 20 years, now and have convinced numerous impoverished friends that it is definetly a “luxury” item.

No offense, guys, I still love your work. The view’s just a lot different from down here.

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