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Tomorrow I’m up at 6am to go to the rubber stamp expo with [info]zairabear. Then Sunday we go to the Rennaisance Faire. I’m really excited about both events in and of themselves, but on Monday I started thinking about how I could combine this excitement with my other enjoyable activities. So….

I went on CafePress and found a letterboxing t-shirt. Even paid extra for 2-day shipping in hopes that it would arrive by today so that I could wear it to the Stamp Expo in hopes of running into another LBer or two. It arrived yesterday 🙂

I was also thinking about all of the out-of-state visitors who would be at each of these weekend events and thought I should probably add my Where’s George stamps to a bunch of bills to spend there. Well, my stamp was dying, so I went to stamp-connection to order a new one (in hopes it would arrive by today). I ended up buying two (a replacement for my circle stamp, plus a special one that I’ll discuss in a moment) and they arrived early this afternoon, giving me time to EMS many bills for the weekend 🙂

The “special” stamp I purchased not only circles around the FRB logo, but has arrows that point to the serial # and series (on ones and old style bills), and it also has the outline of California and the words “Aahz in San Jose” above the outline and “California” below the outline =D

As if that’s not enough geekiness for one day, I also finally managed to move up to 14th place (out of 18) on my What Pulse team 🙂

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