Sep 232005

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Tomorrow I’m up at 6am to go to the rubber stamp expo with [info]zairabear. Then Sunday we go to the Rennaisance Faire. I’m really excited about both events in and of themselves, but on Monday I started thinking about how I could combine this excitement with my other enjoyable activities. So….

I went on CafePress and found a letterboxing t-shirt. Even paid extra for 2-day shipping in hopes that it would arrive by today so that I could wear it to the Stamp Expo in hopes of running into another LBer or two. It arrived yesterday 🙂

I was also thinking about all of the out-of-state visitors who would be at each of these weekend events and thought I should probably add my Where’s George stamps to a bunch of bills to spend there. Well, my stamp was dying, so I went to stamp-connection to order a new one (in hopes it would arrive by today). I ended up buying two (a replacement for my circle stamp, plus a special one that I’ll discuss in a moment) and they arrived early this afternoon, giving me time to EMS many bills for the weekend 🙂

The “special” stamp I purchased not only circles around the FRB logo, but has arrows that point to the serial # and series (on ones and old style bills), and it also has the outline of California and the words “Aahz in San Jose” above the outline and “California” below the outline =D

As if that’s not enough geekiness for one day, I also finally managed to move up to 14th place (out of 18) on my What Pulse team 🙂

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Sep 172005

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My daughter, [info]zairabear, and I headed out to find our very first
traditional letterboxes last weekend. We had both done a couple of virtual
letterboxes (both together and alone) before making this leap into
“real” letterboxing. As we were preparing our “hunting gear” it
suddenly dawned on us that we should exchange stamps with each other.
So when we hit the trail on our first official day of letterboxing we
each already a single X count 🙂

Our first target was Saxon’s Nemesis Mini Letterbox placed by Padfoot
Stamper. The trail was beautiful and the box was right where the
clues said it would be. The only problem we had finding this box was
that I thought I knew where the starting point was, but ended up
driving back and forth for about 30 minutes before finding the correct
intersection. It was a huge rush finding our first box! Both Zaira
and I were elated as we read through Saxon’s Tale, examined every
aspect of the box, pored over the logsheet, and failed miserably at
being inconspicuous. We were just too excited!

The second hunt of the day wasn’t quite as rewarding. We headed after
Walk Like A Duck by workerofwood. These clues were very intriguing
(park on the river? ON the river?!?) but we managed to find the right
starting point. We then followed along the clues, calibrating our
paces, etc and came to the mid-point where we were supposed to find
further instructions. The clue stated there would be a “little green
box”. Well, we searched and searched around the area, but could find
no hint of a “little green box”. The clues did go on to give
suggested activities once the finish point was discovered, so we were
able to eventually puzzle out where we needed to be. However, once we
found the (presumed) hiding spot we discovered that there was a hive
of bees (or wasps, or other flying/stinging bugs) in the hole with
dozens of them flying in and out in a pretty constant stream. Neither
of us were brave enough to search for the box, so this one gets
chalked up as an attempt.

We still had one more box to go. Zairabear was really excited about
doing Princess Lea’s Nancy Drew Notebooks series for two reasons: 1)
she’s enamored of PrincessLea (first for her trailname and then
because of her personal stamp (seen at Saxon’s)), and 2) she read all
of the Nancy Drew Notebooks. Besides, this one was on the way home
and right across the street from an ice cream parlor 🙂 Once again
we found the spot fairly easily, but this time we had a very tough
time locating the box itself. We spent maybe half an hour digging and
poking before I gave up. We even explored a nearby similar location
that we (correctly) thought was the wrong space. About fifteen
minutes after I gave up, Zaira gave up as well, but asked that I take
one more look. I finally found the cement “marker” buried under about
8 inches of dirt and leaves. The box was under the marker as
promised. It turns out that the last person to find the box (I forgot
to note their trailname) had found it one year to the day before!
They had noted that it was an “easy” find. Guess that shows what a
year in even urban wilderness can do to a hiding spot. When I
replaced the box it was still well hidden, but should be a much easier
find for anyone actually looking for it.

We’re both definetly hooked. While this coming weekend is already
booked solid with activities planned months ago, we’re going to try to
sneak in a couple of boxes as well.

Anyway, that’s the Team Aahz report for Day One. We look forward to
filing many, many more!


Zaira’s LiveJournal post about the day-


This is the hobby I’ve wanted to start for a whole month now!(he he he) When I finally started on 9-17-05 I felt so great! Especially when we found our first one,It was so exciting and it was so small so how they stored everything was very cool.With the second one we went out to find,we found where it was and everything but there was a beehive right in front of it!(We decided to get that one another day)The third one we found, but it was tricky,it was way under a boulder and ALOT of dirt.The cool thing is that no one had found it in an exact year and there was an old spider’s egg sac in the corner of the container,which means baby spiders were born in it and crawled away.Plus Princess Lea planted the box so the stamps were really cool and there were two stamps because one got lost and then replaced and then the oringinal stamp was found. So we had alot of fun.
Sep 052005

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– I, Aahz, Mr. It’s Not Worth Doing If It Doesn’t Involve A Monitor & Keyboard, spent a fair amount of time teaching my daughter to dribble a basketball. I didn’t even realize Iknew how to dribble a basketball. I mean, I obviously can do so, but was unaware I possessed the knowledge necessary to teach someone to do it. Cool (but weird).

– Turns out scrapbooking can be a dangerous pastime. I got a scratch on my hand just pulling out the bags of supplies, then sliced open my thumb while removing the safety cover from a cutting blade. Oops!

– Saturday night Bunny and Sammy brought Gavin home and all was sociable and nice. Nice to know since getting back into Zaira‘s life essentially means getting back into theirs as well.

– Sammy actually returned later that evening along with Christopher and we all (add Thomas to me and those mentioned to equal all) played a little berr ‘n’ pretzels board game called Zombies!. The game was fun, but it was really cool gaming again with folx I haven’t even seen in 7-9 years. Especially considering we all used to game together 5+ nights a week.

– During the game Pepper returned home and I got yelled at for sending a child support check: “YOU NEED TO TELL ME WHEN YOU SEND A CHECK BECAUSE IT WENT TO THE OLD ADDRESS AND I ONLY KNOW ABOUT IT BECAUSE JACKIE HAPPENED TO CHEK MY MAIL. NOW I HAVE TO GO UP TO SAN JOSE TOMORROW TO GET IT.” Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

 Zaira can spot a crumpled up and discarded lottery ticket on the street from 20 paces 🙂

– Thomas graciously offered to drive Zaira and I to the local scrapbooking store that I found in the phonebook. Turns out the reason we had such a hard time finding it was because they moved :-/ Luckily the gentleman who owns the antique shop in what was their spot was kind enough to direct us to their new location.

– For the first time in a long time I was way off in my shopping math. I had figured our total at Got Memories? was around $90. Turned out to be at to be $160!!! And that was after she gave us a couple of bonus discounts including one for telling our friends about them. So, if you scrap and happen to be in Gilroy, visit Got Memories?

– I’m slowly but surely getting through to Gavin. He hasn’t tried to hit or kick me in several visits now. And Sunday he got REALLY mad at me because Zaira had told him that if he was good I would give him a surprise (a little something I had picked up for him the day before). He wasn’t good, so I told him he wasn’t getting his surprise. He ranted and screamed for about 20 minutes but I held firm and he eventually moved on to something else. Right before he was about to leave for the sitters he started screaming again about how I had to give him his surprise because he was being good at that moment. I reminded him about the promise I had made him last week (see next point) and that I had kept it this week. I then asked if I’d ever gone against my word. Reluctantly he agreed that I hadn’t. So I pointed out that if I gave him his surprise after telling him that I wouldn’t it would be breaking my word and he would never be able to trust me again. Long story medium: no surprise for Gavin because he was being a brat.

– I learned how to make Pirate Eyes (aka sunny-side up eggs in a circle of toast). Last week when I asked Gavin how he wanted his eggs he replied “Pirate Eyes” – apparently this is how Christopher makes eggs for him. Well I totally butchered the attempt last week, but promised that I would try again this weekend. This week my first attempt was even worse, filling the entire downstairs with smoke as the toast burnt! Luckily the internet was available and a quick Google search showed me what I was doing wrong (cooking too hot) and attempt #3 was a success! Go Aahz!!