Jun 262005

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On Friday I got to go over and hang out at my daughters house for a couple hours. It was pretty cool. Pepper, Zaira and I watched Ice Princess while Gavin played Star Warsrelated computer games. It was nice to just kinda hang out and veg for a bit 🙂

I also borrowed a copy of Dan Brown’s “The DaVinci Code” from Pepper. Pretty much everyone, from every walk of life, has recommended I read this book. I shoulda known better. Whenever a disparate group of people tells me I should read/watch/hear something, it always turns out to be mediocre. I generally give whatever it is a shot because I hate people who constantly make the claim that “if it’s popular, it must be garbage”. But I keep running into this mediocrity. Sigh. 

There’s simply nothing really compelling about this book. The first “mystery” of decoding the clues at the murder site is somewhat intriguing, but all of the grand mysteries and revelations are blatantly foreshadowed hundreds of pages before they’re revealed. The most boring portions of the book turn out to be essentially irrelevant anyway as they’re a giant red herring (which was fairly obvious all along). The main characters are set up to be experts in their fields and brilliant people but miss the most obvious of clues. Not only is their logic faulty, but the characters continually use data that they haven’t been presented with. I HATE THAT!! Not to mention there are at least a half-dozen pointless references to the previous book in the series that serve no purpose other than advertising.

Dan Brown has a knack for finding intriguing tales, but he simply doesn’t have the talent to make them truly compelling, in my opinion. Overall, I’d say 6 of the 8 hours I took to read this book last night were basically a waste of time. Just trudging along hoping something interesting would happen or there would at least be a twist of some sort. But, of course, there was no such thing. The ending could have been predicted when less than halfway through the book and isn’t very emotional rewarding anyway. Bleh.

In happier news…

Although I don’t get to see Zaira at all this week (conflicting work schedules between Pepper and I), next Saturday we not only get to spend the whole day together, but we’ll be spending that day at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk!! I haven’t been to the beach in years and don’t think I’ve been to the Boardwalk in nearly a decade. It should be a blast!

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