Jun 192005

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Yesterday was wonderful, but exhausting (in a good way).

Short Version-

Finally fell asleep around 9am, woke up (late) at 11:30 headed over to Children’s Discovery Museum. Met up with Zaira and Pepper a little after 2pm. Read Zara’s report card and watched part of her school play on DVD, explored the museum, played in the park, stopped by another park to visit a cliche family picnic on plastic coated tablecloths, stopped by they’re house, stopped by my house, said goodbye, came to work (late), went home (early), slept from 11pm-1pm, came to work.

Long Version-

I finally gave up and decided I wasn’t going to sleep around 8:30 so, of course, fell asleep around 9. Alarm went off at 11:00 but I ignored it for about a half hour and then rushed around getting ready for my big day. We were scheduled to meet at the museum at 2:00 and there was no way I was going to be late, cause when I was a kid my father was late every single time he came to pick me up (except when he didn’t show up at all) and I simply refuse to do that. That’s actually why I’m early almost everywhere, but this case was all the more important.

So I get there around 1:50 (late for me) and wait around 25 minutes for Pepper and Zaira to show up. I had assumed Pepper would be running late, so no big deal. Zaira waved to me from about 150 yards away and my heart just melted. There’s definetly something special about your daughter being excited about seeing you 🙂 We sat in the park for a bit and I looked over Zaira’s 3rd grade report card and then watched a part of her recent school play on a portable DVD player.

Report cards have definetly become more complex since I was in primary school, with individual scores earned for almost every skill learned as opposed to just one score each for Math, Science, English, etc, but Zaira’s scores were something to be proud of: all 3’s and 4’s (out of 4) and her State Test scores are all excellent as well. She’s definetly a smart little girl 🙂 She was also adorable in her school play as “Brain” in Monster In The Closet.

Then, it was off to the Museum:










This is by the bear statue in front of the Children’s Discovery Museum
(Zaira’s the one on the right 😉 )

Inside the museum we played with/learned about/saw/experienced weather measuring devices, bubbles of all shapes and sizes, generating electricity, life in the late 1800’s, making music and even a little Jazz Singing:









We also played on the big fire truck they have inside and Zaira decided that we should become fire fighters when we grew up:









That’s my favorite picture from the day because Zaira orchestrated the whole thing. It was her idea and she figured out what each of us should wear, then positioned us so Pepper could take the picture. It was a great experience 🙂

After we’d adventured through the entire museum we dashed across Discovery Meadow and Zaira and I played on the giant Monopoly board they have there (Zaira craftily won the game), then dashed over to a park near their house where Pepper’s family was having a Bar-B-Que. Zaira, Gavin (her little brother) and I played on the swings while Pepper chatted up her family and we took this shot:

Then it was almost time for me to go to work, so they took me to see their house. Both Zaira and Pepper were embarrassed because they hadn’ had time to clean, but I assured them that it could be no worse than 476. We then headed to my house and they got a chance to see what a REALLY messy house looks like and to meet my hamsters. Hamopolis never fails to impress and this was no exception.

Well, that was the day that was. A good time was had by all and hopefully we can do it again soon…

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