Dec 172004

So, it’s been forever since I posted (and may well be forever before I post again), but I figure this is the easiest way to let y’all know without having to repeat this story over and over and over again…

First off: everything’s fine.

Just another Friday. Worked at the Mall slingin’ games, rushed home and went to work at the corner liquor store by my house.

Around 9:30 I’m sittin’ using my laptop when I hear a gun cock and look up to see a black ski mask and the barrel of a pistol. Yep, I got robbed.

I’m actually pretty proud of the way I handled myself. Didn’t freak out, didn’t go hero, didn’t even piss my pants.

He had me open the register, give him the money, lay down on the floor and put my hands under my stomach. Then he left. I could hear the footsteps leave but I called out a couple times: “You still there? Is it okay? Hello?” No answer so I got up and immediately locked the fuckin’ door. Then called 911, cops showed up (I got scared all over again being surrounded by cops), asked me 8,000,001 questions, let me call my manager (who lives 3 minutes away).

All’s good. The store’s out maybe $800 in stolen cash (which insurance will presumably cover) and a night’s sales since we closed up as soon as the cops left. Good thing, too, cause I thought I was calmed down and fine, but couldn’t manage to figure out my closing paperwork despite the fact that I do it most nights with my eyes closed.

There’s not a lot else to report. I couldn’t see the guy, didn’t recognize his voice, and wasn’t too much help to the cops. I guess that’s it. Now you all know what happened, so if/when the rumours start flyin’ you know where to point people to for the truth and i won’t have to repeat this story ad nauseum.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even write my third performance poem ever 😉

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