Mar 122001

Paychex was founded as a payroll service for small businesses. Although the company is national and publicly traded their focus has remained on small companies with 5-50 employees. I first encountered Paychex in the early 90s when I had a game design business with 3 employees. Recently I helped a friend evolve from doing payroll for his seven employees himself to having Paychex do it for him. He’s never been happier.

What They Do

Paychex handles every aspect of payroll for small businesses. All the employer needs to do is provide copies of the employee’s W4s, banking information, and any special deductions (benefits, workers comp insurance, etc.) and Paychex handles everything.

Everything means making sure all deductions are handled properly, that taxes are paid correctly and on time, delivering the paychecks on payday (by courier), and all of the other minor and major headaches that go along with doing payroll.

All you need to do once the service is set-up is input the hours worked by each employee via their Internet Time Sheet and voila! Paychecks arrive on payday all ready to be handed out. Once set-up has taken place everything can be handled via the internet, fax, telephone or through software on your system (which is then transmitted directly to theirs via modem).

If you’ve ever waded through all the paperwork involved in doing payroll for even a couple of people you can’t help but appreciate what Paychex does.

Customer Service

Although I’ve read in a number of places about nightmares with Paychex sales people and customer service, neither I nor my friend has ever had a problem. I really have a feeling this is a branch by branch situation, so you might want to ask around your local business community before signing on.

We have always found their customer service to be top-notch. Although annoyances such as phone-tag do occur on occaision I’ve always come away from every encounter with the feeling that they honestly want and appreciate our business.

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  1. My sister-in-law actually works for Paychex and I know that with her branch is very concerned about customer service.


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