Mar 102001

Do you use stock phrases or boilerplate text even outside your word processor? Then you need TrayText!

If you use Microsoft Word, then you’re probably familiar with its AutoText feature. TrayText does essentially the same thing, but can be used in a spreadsheet, graphics program, email, anywhere.

What It Does

TrayText is a small (227k) program that sits in your system tray and stores up to 14 phrases (each up to 32kB in length) that can be dropped in to any program with two simple mouse-clicks.

After installing and starting the program you simply right-click on the icon to create your phrases, giving each a distinct name. Then when you want to enter the phrase you simply click the icon in the system tray and click on the phrase you want entered.

You can also set a hotkey combination to open TrayText and then simply hit the number of the phrase you want entered, making it possible to enter phrases without your hands having to leave the keyboard.

The program will either ‘paste’ the selected phrase into the document or ‘type’ it in by taking control of your keyboard momentarily (your choice). The latter is useful in many chat programs and other programs that do not allow cut ‘n’ paste for whatever reason.


Since each “phrase” can hold up to nearly a half-page of text and is able to re-create such things as the effects of hitting the Tab key, the uses are innumerable.

I have stored standard replies to Frequently Asked Questions in TrayText as it’s easier to click the responses from there than to open my FAQ file and cut ‘n’ paste.

You can complete standard forms online (ala Gator) without the SpyWare implications that go along with most of those programs (or the security risks of storing your credit card info with other companies).

Signature files can easily be placed into documents of any type.

Boilerplate copyright or contact information can be copied into graphics files with ease.

The Program

The program itself is tiny at 227k and can be downloaded from the MJM website ( ). The standard Zip file is only an 80k download while the self-installing zip is 188k.

The downloaded version is a 28-day trial version that only allows three phrases to be entered. The full version (which allows 14 phrases) is a mere $15.00. Registration is simple via their website in either US dollars or British pounds. You can also pay via telephone, fax or mail. When paying online your ‘key’ will be e-mailed within seconds.


MJM actually has another program called KeyText which does everything TrayText does and more. It holds 234 phrases, can handle macro scripts including fields to enter variables, simulate mouse clicks and more. It costs only $25.00 and is only slightly larger than TrayText. (A full review on KeyText will be done when Epinions adds KeyText to their database 🙂


If you ever find yourself typing the same things over and over again throughout a computing session, you owe it to yourself to at least try the trial version of TrayText. It’ll save you time, stress, and typos.



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