Mar 082001

The Xerox DocuPrint N40 is the best laser printer I’ve ever used. Of course, at $3,000-plus, I won’t be buying one for home in the near future, but for an office this machine is an incredible.

I work at a copy center that rents computer time to the public and we have two DocuPrint N40’s available for customer use. On an average day each printer will crank out between 1000 and 1500 prints and we have very few problems with these machines.



Each of our DocuPrint N40’s has both a 1,000 sheet and a 3,500 sheet paper tray meaning we can usually go a day or two without having to reload paper (a rarity for any machine in this business).

Additionally, the bypass tray is simple to use allowing customers wishing to print on special paper to do so with ease.


The DocuPrint N40 prints an average of 40 pages per minutes (ppm) when printing single sided text and 30 ppm when printing double-sided text. It is a little slower when printing heavy graphics, but not much.

The fact that it has a duplex tray (an optional feature) is a huge time saver all on its own since double-sided documents no longer need to be sent twice while reloading the paper in between.

Print Quality

There’s not a lot to say about B&W laser quality these days as technology has advanced to the point where you won’t see much difference in high-end brands. The quality of the halftone’s created by the DocuPrint N40 is excellent however.


The DocuPrint N40 uses Xerox’s WorkSet Technology which simplifies networking issues. We have fourteen computers in various areas of our store connected to these printers and have few difficulties with conflicts. The WorkSet system not only has few difficulties, but is very quick as well.

One of the nicest networking features of the DocuPrint N40 is the MaiLinx system. Not only does MaiLinx allow you to send jobs to the printer via email (making remote printing a simple reality), but it will also send email alerts to both our computer services technician and our main work area computer when the printer needs toner or paper. This saves us from having customers continually resend jobs because they did not print when the problem is a simple one for us to remedy.


The only real drawback I have seen with the DocuPrint N40 is that when it does jam (which is seldom) the compact size can often make clearing the jam difficult. This is a problem with more and more modern machinery however, as size is more important than accessability these days.


If you are looking for an easily networked, high-volume b&w laser printer, I would highly recommend the DocuPrint N40. It’s fast, reliable, and of excellent quality. You can seldom go wrong with Xerox, and the DocuPrint N40 is further proof of that.


Amount Paid (US$): Leased
Operating System: Windows and Macintosh

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