Feb 262001

eHammer’s a newcomer to the online auction world, which makes it a wonderful resource for bargain hunters, but a poor place for sellers. At the time of this writing there were a total of 1178 items listed amongst the 56 general categories offered, with the most being offered in the American Antiques section (414) and the majority of the categories having zero items listed.

For Buyers

The average auction at eHammer closes with fewer than a half dozen bids. This makes it a wonderful resource for bargain hunters as there is not much competition.

Registration takes only a couple of minutes as they only require standard contact info (name, email, address, phone). No credit card is required to register which is a plus in my book.

Bidding is handled by a proxy bidder as it is most everywhere else. Proxy bidding means that you enter the highest price you are willing to pay, but only the next necessary bid increment is shown as the high bid. If others bid after you (but remain below your high offer) your bid will be raised just high enough to beat them.

There is an auto-auction alert, though I have yet to have this kick in as my first bid has always been enough to garner the item I was seeking (at well below my high price to boot :).

Their feedback option varies from eBay’s in that instead of just giving the feedback total for each user it actually lists the number of positive, negative, and neutral feedback entries separately. I find this to be a much better way to get a feel for someone’s reputation as you immediately know if they have any negative feedback.

For Sellers

I have not offered anything for sale at eHammer and can not recommend that you do either. With the low number of bidders this is very much a buyers market.

Listing fees are comparable to eBay, as are final sales commissions (most slightly lower, others slightly higher). You are also permitted to relist an item once for free if it does not sell the first time.

All of the now standard upgrades are also available: listing on the homepage, category page, or in bold; longer auction times of either 15 or 30 days; the ability to cross-list an item in up to three categories. Fees for these upgrades are also comparable to other auction sites.

eHammer also offers the opportunity to have your own online auction hall hosted at their site. Fees for this are not listed directly on the site and it’s not something of interest to me, so I did not inquire. I can see how this would be beneficial to people who regularly sell via online auction, however, so would recommend checking out eHammer if you do this sort of thing.


Bargain hunters should keep an eye on eHammer as should people interested in quick turnover of antiques/collectibles for a small profit. You could easily move several items purchased at eHammer on eBay for a higher fee.

Sellers are better off at one of the better known sites, unless they wish to take advantage of the personalized Auction Halls.



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