Feb 242001
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First Domain bills itself as “an internationally recognized non-profit registrar organization, accredited by ICANN as an official registrar for domains in .COM .NET .ORG”. Unfortunately, only the first three words hold true.


FirstDomain.net is, indeed, “internationally recognized”. Of course, pretty much everything on the internet is “internationally recognized”, that’s why they call it the World Wide Web and not the Country Wide Web.


FirstDomain.net is, in fact, not accredited by ICANN to register generic TLDs. Their parent company 1stDomain.net is, but FirstDomain.net is not. (For a complete list of ICANN accredited registrars visit http://www.icann.org/registrars/accredited-list.html)

Truth of Fiction?

I have been unable to ascertain whether or not FirstDomain.net is registered as a non-profit company in Germany (which is where their Registrar information points). However, they most certainly are not one in the United States and both their immediate parent company, 1stDomain.net, and G+D International, 1stDomain.net’s parent company are for-profit companies. In fact, G+D International is based in Hawaii and is listed as the Admin Contact for both domain registrars as well as cchawaii.net, 0 charge Domain Name Registration, and at least three different wedding planning companies in Hawaii. All of which makes it seem even less likely that FirstDomain.net is a non-profit organization, despite the opening line of its website.

I find it quite interesting that, despite the assertion that FirstDomain.net is a “non-profit” registrar they charge the exact same prices as their for-profit parent company. There are differences though.

FirstDomain.net v. 1stDomain.net

Despite the remarkably similar names and pricing structures, these two domain registrars are set-up as different subsidiaries of G&D International. This is not the only difference, however:

While 1stDomain.net is registered to G&D in Kihei, Hawaii and is an ICANN accredited registrar, FirstDomain.net is registered to G&D in Dusseldorf, Germany and is a member of CORE.

FirstDomain.net claims to be a “non-profit registrar” 1stDomain.net makes no such claim.

Additionally, FirstDomain.net has far fewer offerings then 1stDomain.net. This is pretty much your barebones registrar with little to offer for the premium price you’ll be paying. The only options available from the FirstDomain site are which of the three TLDs you prefer. There is no information on transfering domains into or out of FirstDomain.net, neither multi-lingual or proposed gTLDs are available, the name wizard is mediocre at best and there’s not even a WHOIS search available.

Of course, their customer service is just as unresponsive as G&D’s other registrars, but perhaps that’s because they all head to the same account.


There’s nothing here that’s worth your time, much less your money. With several hundred domain registrars to choose from these days there is no reason to waste resources with shoddy misleading sites such as this one.

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  1. I like your “detective” approach in your reviews! It makes for an interesting read. 🙂


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