Feb 122001
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If you want www.yourname.com, you need a domain registrar and Dotster is one of the easiest, most powerful and least expensive registrars around.

Fast, Easy, Powerful, Cheap domain registration services.

I’ll let you know when I find one!

The Bottom Line
The ultimate registrar for personal use.

What Domains Does Dotster Register?

Currently you can register .com, .net, .org, .ws, .tv and .cc domain names at Dotster. You can also register multilingual domain names in Japanese, Korean, simplified and traditional Chinese.

Dotster is currently negotiating to handle registration for all 100+ country code domains as well.

What Other Services Are Offered?

URL Forwarding

Dotster offers three different methods of URL forwarding:

  1. Free Masked forwarding- With the masked forwarding your visitors will see the domain name they enter rather then your site’s true address. The free version will display a Dotster banner ad at the bottom of your page as well.
  2. Paid Masked Forwarding- This removes the banner ad, but still replaces your true domain name with the one your visitors enter.
  3. Paid Unmasked Forwarding- Still no banner ad, but visitors see your true site address.


Through a partnership with USA.net Dotster offers web-based email (you@yourdomain.com).

Name Server Hosting

Dotster is the only registrar I’m currently aware of that offers this service.

By having Dotster host your name servers you have complete control over your aliases, MX, NS and CNAME records. This service is incredibly easy to use as well (just like everything else at Dotster). They also have the fastest DNS updates I’ve ever seen (they update hourly).

Domain Transfer

If you currently have your domain registered somewhere else and would like to transfer it to Dotster you can do so quickly and easily on the site. No phone calls or faxes necessary.

Misc. Information Services

Dotster offers a Name Spin program to help generate unique domain names, a WHOIS database to look up the owner of a previously registered domain, and searchable lists of recently expired domain names, including available three and four letter domains.

How Much Does All This Cost?

Registering .com, .net, or .org domains is only $14.95 per year. Prices are even lower if you purchase multiple years or multiple domains at one time.

Registering a .ws domain is $70.00 for two years.

Registering a .tv domain is $50.00 per year.

Registering a .cc domain is $60.00 for one year or $100.00 for two.

Paid URL forwarding (either option) is $5.00 per year.

E-mail is $29.00 per year.

Name Server Hosting is $10.00 per year.

Domain transfer is free. You must purchase an additional year of registration however.

The informational services are free on the site.

So What Makes It So Easy?

When you first register a domain at Dotster you create an account with them. When you want to purchase additional domains or modify services you just log into your personal account and follow along the path to what you want to do. Your basic information is stored in your main account and automatically entered for each new domain you register (you do have the option of changing it should you so desire).

The site is all very straightforward with simple interfaces and plenty of explanatory information available.

Additionally, their customer service is excellent. Whenever I’ve had questions my emails have been answered quickly and, more importantly, accurately.

So Dotster’s perfect?

Almost. I do use other registrars at times, but these situations are not common.

  1. Dotster charges $25.00 to change the registered owner of a domain name. Since I often register domains for web hosting clients I need to be able to change the domains into their names when they leave. I now register my client’s domains at DotRegistrar (see my review at: Own/Resell Multiple Domains? You need these guys!) because they do not charge for this service.
  2. Additionally, their bulk discounts aren’t really that great once you start registering more then 5 or 6 domains. But few individuals will need to do so.


For people new to the domain name racket or those who only need a single name registered, Dotster is definitely the way to go. I’ve registered more than a dozen names there over the last year and turned several friends on to Dotster and everyone love’s it so far.

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