Feb 052001
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Domains At Cost is both a CIRA Certified and ICANN Accredited domain registrar. This means that they can register .COM, .NET, .ORG, and .CA domains.

The Site

Overall the site is very well done. While not flashy, it is appealing and the necessary information is both detailed and easy to read. Primary site navigation is via a navigation bar at the top of every page. Additionally the home page has a Resource Center information with a number of worthwhile links.

My only real problem with the site is that it’s not always clear what currency prices are being quoted in (hint: the site’s in Canada and designed for Canadians, so if there’s not a US designation after the amount then they’re talking Canadian Dollars).


All of the standard registrar services are provided: registration, domain prking, DNS changes, etc with no additional fees.

Registration of a .CA domain name is as follows:

# of Yrs./Cost/Yr.
1 / $25 CANADIAN
2 / $24 CANADIAN
3 / $23 CANADIAN
4 / $22 CANADIAN
5 / $21 CANADIAN
10 / $20 CANADIAN

Regsistration of .COM, .NET & .ORG names is $14.00US/yr with a minimum two year purchase.
(Note: if you are purchasing with a US credit card you will be billed in Canadian dollars and your bank will do the exchange at their current rate which may slightly alter your pricing.)

These fees are certainly competitive though they are not quite “At Cost” unless they’re getting rooked somewhere along the way.

About .CA domains

The top level domain .CA stands for Canada. There are certain requirements for registering a .CA name that do not exist for the standard .COM, .NET and .ORG domains, the foremost of which is that you must be a Canadian resident. There are other requirements, limitations as well though they are fairly clear on the site and you will be reminded of them as you work your way through the registration process.

For those who want the whole story in offical-speak, you may get the information straight form CIRA at http://www.cira.ca/en/doc_Registration.html

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