Feb 052001

I joined Clickdough December 3, 2000. Only they weren’t Clickdough then, they had joined forces with About.com and changed their name to MoveAbout. I used the service for 45 hours, 25 minute, 29 seconds during the month of December. Then, January 1st they’re gone, saying they’ll be back on January 15th. On January 15th even the page saying they’ll be back is gone. Then, on February 1st, they’re suddenly back as ClickDough once again. Oh, and my total pay for those 45+ hours? $0.00! If you’re confused, imagine how I had felt after devoting a full work week’s worth of time to this thing!

What It Is/How It Works

ClickDough is a Pay To View (PTV) program that pays you to view banner ads. Unlike most PTV and Pay To Surf (PTS) programs you do not need to download a SurfBar program to your computer. Rather, you simply go to the ClickDough website and open an additional browser window that will server their ads. The primary benefit of this no download system is that ClickDough can be used on any platform regardless of operating system.

The ad window can be placed anywhere on your screen, minimized, or hidden under other windows. However, whenever a new ad is served up (about every 30-60 seconds) the window will pop up to the top and become your active window. This means that if you were typing in another window and looking away from the monitor (as I do when I type) you will now be typing (ineffectually) in the ad window. Very annoying.

Every 15 minutes or so instead of a banner ad popping into the personal window a set of numbers will appear. When this happens you must click on the indicated number in order to verify that you are viewing the ads. Other then this you can do whatever you want on your computer as long as you remain connected to the internet.

The Name Game

Apparently last October ClickDough aligned itself with About.com in order to increase ad sales and changed their name to MoveAbout. When I joined in December I joined under the MoveAbout banner.

According to a letter from Chris Yeh (ClickDough Founder) dated February 1st this relationship was terminated in January as there was an actual decrease in ad sales. Additionally Mr. Yeh states in the letter that About.com is witholding payment and therefore there will be no payout for November or December. (The site was down for all of January so that means no payment for then either). This means that my 45+ hours of time peering at ads has netted me absolutely nothing.

Mr. Yeh does encourage all of us users to hang in there, as he sees prosperity on the horizon. However, the only prosperity I see is his own. According to other Epinions my 45+ hours would only be worth about $1.00 anyway were I to actually receive it.

Additionally, ClickDough has ended their relationship with the companies that were handling their payouts. So, International payouts have been cancelled altogether while the minimum for U.S. payouts has been raised to $100.00 (it was $20.00). So, if I were to continue dealing with Clickdough at the same rate of use I would be eligible to receive a payout in about 9 years!

I don’t think so. I’m sticking with Desktop Dollars and my various GPTREM programs. Pay To View/Surf just isn’t cutting it anymore.

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