Feb 032001

I’ve used about 30 different PTS (Pay To Surf) AdBars in the last six-weeks or so and Desktop Dollars (DD) is far and away the least obtrusive thus, IMHO, the best.

Summary of Service:

You sign up at DesktopDollars.com, complete a lot of demographic info and then download a 1.44meg file which will run an AdBar at the top or bottom of your screen. This AdBar is the entire width of your screen and has a search box, streaming headlines (you choose the news service(s)), and optional streaming radio (with around 100 stations to choose from) and a standard size banner ad. The banner ad is rotated every 30-60 seconds and DD pays you 45% of the advertising revenue.


While you DO need to be CONNECTED to the internet for the adbar to be active you DON’T need to be actively SURFING the internet. I run DD while working in Photoshop, reading/writing email, watching DVD movies, etc. The program does not track mouse movements, keystrokes or pagechanges as most PTS AdBars do. Instead every 20-90 minutes a small box appears somewhere on your screen informing you that you will be logged out in 45 seconds unless you click continue. This is to keep you from simply starting the AdBar and walking away or going to sleep.

There are NO LIMITS on how many hours you can use the AdBar or how much total money you can earn.

There are also NO LIMITS on how much you can earn from your referrals usage. If you only use the AdBar 20 hours a month, but on of your referrals uses it 100 hours a month you will be paid for your referrals full 100 hours. In fact you don’t need to use the bar yourself at all to earn from your referrals usage, making this a great revenue generator for webmasters.


If you’re going to play the PTS game you’re going to lose a little screen space. That’s what they’re paying you for. But other than that, I’ve seen no drawbacks to this program.

Update 2/3/01 – Now whenever you open the Audience Bar a pop up ad appears. I hate pop-up ads and the lack of them was one of my favorite things about Desktop Dollars. Additionally it seems (though I may simply be more focused on other things) that it now occaisonally will log me out without giving me the countdown. This requires that I log back in (one click, no big deal, except…) which produces another pop-ud ad. ARRRGGHHH!!!

It may well be time to find a new program again {sigh}.


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