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If you own, register or resell multiple domain names you absolutely must check out DotRegistrar.com!

If you’re not sure what a domain registrar is then read my article on that very topic: Want www.YOURNAME.com? You need a registrar.

Great prices, Free transfers, free registrant change, Delete/Refund Feature

Ugly site, not for newbies

The Bottom Line
If you’re a domain reseller, web service provider, a cyber squatter or just a domain name junkie, then you NEED to take a look at DotRegistrar.com They’re the best.

What makes DotRegister.com so great?


Their prices are as follows (each DRY equals 1 year of domain registration):

  • 5 DRY: $11.99 each
  • 10 DRY: $10.99 each
  • 20 DRY: $9.99 each
  • 50 DRY: $8.99 each
  • 100 DRY: $7.99 each
  • 250 DRY: $7.49 each
  • 500 DRY: $6.99 each
  • 1000 DRY: $6.79 each
  • 2000 DRY: $6.49 each

So, you could purchase a 10 DRY pack @ $109.90 and use those 10 DRY to register 1 domain for 10 years, 2 domains for 5 years each, 10 domains for 1 year each, etc.

While you purchase DRY packs all at one time, you do not need to use them all at once. They will be held in your account until you are ready to use them for registering new domains, renewing existing ones, or transferring in domains from other registrars.

Free domain transfers:

Do you have a domain up for renewal? Are you going to pay $35.00 or more? Transfer it to DotRegistrar instead.

Many registrars charge a fee to transfer your domain to them. DotRegistrar.com will transfer your domain from any other registrar to DotRegistrar for only 1 DRY, which adds an additional year to your registration as well. So it’s actually free.

Free Registrant Change:

If you sell your domain name to someone else you will need to change the Registrant and contact info. Network Solutions charges $199 per domain and promises the change will occur in 2 days(!). At DotRegistrar.com they will not only change the registrant for free but they will do it in approximately 3 minutes with no paperwork necessary.

Delete/Refund Feature:

At any time within 3 days of registering a domain at DotRegistrar.com you may delete the account for a full instant refund! I ended up paying $35 for a year of registration on a typo’d domain name in the past. Not to mention having made the mistake of registering a customers domain before the check cleared. Now that’s no longer an issue as long as I discover the error within 72 hours I can delete the name and get my money back.

I’ve never seen this offered elsewhere.

Reseller API:

DotRegistrar.com offers a domain registration API that you can install on your own site to allow visitors to register their domains in real-time.

This program allows your users to search for domains, register them, modify their information and renew their domains all from your site. You can even set the price yourself (and still only pay the prices listed above).

RoboList Professional Domain List Creator:

Their RoboList Domain List Creator will help you with choosing a domain name when your first choice is taken. It not only shuffles the supplied words around, but checks a dictionary to find synonyms as well. This is one of the best domain name generators available.

Terms of Service, etc:

While their Registration agreement is voluminous (a hefty 8 pages printed), it’s all pretty standard stuff. And they follow ICANN’s Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy.

Are you saying they’re perfect?

No, but they’re close.

Site Design:

Their site is not only ugly (IMHO), but it’s poorly designed as well. Everything is very utilitarian with almost no concerns for appearance or ease of use.


If you’ve never registered a domain name before, this is not a good place to start. There is very little ‘help’ offered at the site for people who don’t understand things like DNS and nameserver. But if you’re familiar with the ‘hidden’ workings of the web you’ll have no problem.

No Parking:

You must already have nameservers before registering your domain at DotRegistrar.com. They do not park domains at all. Again, not an issue for most people looking to bulk register.

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  1. Thank you very much, this was excellent. I’ve already zipped over to check out their page. I think this is something that I can use.

    Thanks again for the great information. Diverpam

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