Jan 282001

Treasures by R.J. (www.niceice.com) is a must-visit site before you buy a diamond anywhere, online or off.

Their introductory summation (found on their homepage) is perfect, so allow me to quote it for you:

“Warning… This site contains a dangerous combination of in-depth diamond grading information, satirical wit sparked by the marvels of human behavior, and extremely precise ideal cut diamonds for sale.”

Diamonds 101

I can’t even begin to describe how informative this sight is, but I’ll try.

They have extensive articles on: Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat Weight, Diamond Grading Tools, Evaluating A Diamond, Fast Track to Brilliance, Fluorescence, Grading for Real People, Polish, Proportions, Symmetry, The 60/60 Farce, Tolkowsky Range, Chipped Diamonds, Re-Cut Diamonds, Secret Stuff, Treated Diamonds, and GIA vs. AGS Lab as well as price guides on Pre-Profit Cost Reports, Paid Report Access, The “Rap Trap” and Wholesale. Their “Time Zone 101” is recommended reading even if you don’t give a rat’s rear end about diamonds, but are just looking for a few grins!

Each of these articles is easy to read, highly informative and entertaining to boot! I ended up spending a few hours on the sight and feel like I spent six or eight hours learning from a dear friend over a coupla beers.

Nice, but what about the diamonds?

First off, they only list diamonds that they have IN HAND, so there’s no waiting around while the diamond reaches their offices from somewhere else and the exact diamond you order is the one you’ll receive.

They offer diamonds from 0.30 carats (about $1500.00) to 3.0+ carats ($25,000.00 and up) and if they don’t have what you want in stock they will track it down for you.

Each diamond listed includes information on Cut, Size, Clarity, Color, Fluorescence, Polish, Symmetry, Proportions, Report (AGS, EGI, etc), Total % Depth, Table %
Diameter, Crown Angle, Pavilion Depth %, Girdle, Culet, and overall Measurements.

Can I Trust Them?

YES! Why? Here’s a few reasons:

1)They’ve got a 10 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

2)They’ve maintained a five ‘star’ rating at epubliceye.com with more than 160 people rating them! The second company on the Public Eye list only has 19 ratings.

3)They are a participant in the Better Business Bureau Online Reliability Program.

4)They are a member of the Jewelers Vigilance Committe

5)They received five star ratings in 10 of 12 categories at WebWatchdog.com with almost 50 shopper reports. And the other two ratings were 4.5s in pricing and website design.


I wish I could give them six stars! This is definitely the first place to look (online or off) when you’re even thinking about buying a diamond or engagement ring. No one else even comes close!


This review is also posted at epinions.com

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