Jan 202001

I’ve bought few diamonds in my time, so was a bit nervous to start out with on this shopping expedition and Diamonds USA did nothing to quell my uneasiness.

The home page appears with a series of drop down selection boxes for shape, size, color, clarity, and price. Not really sure what I was looking for this did me no good whatsoever. There are also six tabs at the top of the page: Discovering Diamonds, Diamond Shapes, Our Special Offers, News, Payment and About Us.

Being a novice I followed ‘Discovering Diamonds’ only to discover to brief and poorly written paragraphs on how diamonds are mined. Not very helpful 🙁

Next I checked the ‘About Us’ section where I found general advertising babble rife with typos and poor grammar. There was even a small section on two of the cutters visit to Africa that came off like a poorly designed personal vacation site. Not very comforting when I’m counting on their expertise and professionalism.

Heading back to the homepage I find a link to ‘References’, another page of poor English that has obviously not been updated in since at least 1999(!). They claim to have a perfect record (no complaints) at Public Eye, but when I checked at epubliceye.com, there were, in fact two complaints recently lodged against the company over grading/service issues.

Just about to give up all together as I’ve still been unable to find any actual diamonds to browse through (inventory seems to only be available through the search engine) I decide to check the ‘News’ section to see if perhaps the site is undergoing construction or some such. Much to my surprise the News page did not contain site or company news, but rather world news that they apparently thought I would find relevant to my buying decisions, though I saw no worth in its presence.

Completely frustrated at this point, I finally clicked into special offers thinking I could perhaps slip from there into the primary inventory database. No such luck 🙁

The prices here did seem to be substantially lower then other diamond sites I have checked since for diamonds of the same general stats. However, one of the oft sited reasons for buying from this site is that they have photos of each diamond. Alas, this was untrue as many of the diamonds did not have photos.

Finally, I ‘stormed’ off the site annoyed and very disgruntled. Not to mention the aforementioned queasy. Something just doesn’t seem right here.

Luckily, my next stop was Treasures by R.J. (niceice.com) which I can’t recommend highly enough. But then, that review is available in their section.


This review is also available on epinions.com

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  4 Responses to “Queasy feeling from Diamonds USA”

  1. We have just purchased an engagement ring from Diamonds-USA, and like most people we were a bit sceptical to say the least about making such an expensive purchase online.

    After weeks of research we found Diamonds-USA to have the best value for money and decided to make an enquiry.
    From the first email to the last, the customer service was fantastic, the staff were extremely helpful and made us feel at ease with our purchase.

    We chose to use their ‘Desisgn your jewel’ option which was very easy to use and meant we got exactly what we wanted.

    We received our order well in advance of the expected delivery date. It was well packaged with the EGL diamond certification, our invoice, a valuation certificate for insurance purposes, cleaning fluid etc.
    The ring was better than we expected, beautifully set and had the most amazing sparkle.

    I would recomend Diamonds-USA to anyone, with the excellent customer service and the most amazing ring I’ve ever seen I’m sure you wont be dissapointed. We will definitely going back for our wedding bands!!

  2. I think same analysis

  3. That’s why it best to stick with AGS or GIA grading labs. There are plenty of credible online jewelry store. Make sure they are in the business for more than 5 years, check their customers’ feedback as well.

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