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Amihotornot.com is the cyberspace equivalent of sitting at the mall with friends and commenting on every person that walks by. The primary difference being that these people are asking to be judged.

The Concept:

Essentially amihotornot.com is a gallery of personal photos. At the top of each page is a scale from 1 to 10 with which the enduser grades the person in the photo from 1 (Not) to 10 (Hot).

How it Works:

The photos are submitted by individuals who, apparently, have a desire to be judged by the masses based solely on a photograph.

While I did not submit a photo for inclusion (some of us are all too aware how the world perceives us) I did look at the submission form and it seems pretty straightforward. No demographic info is required (other then gender for classification of your photo), but you must link to the photo on your own site (as opposed to uploading it to amihotornot.com’s servers). Thus you will be increasing the transfer rates at your own site and will be unable to submit photos hosted on many freeservers.

When viewing the photos you may select to view men, women, or both. You advance to the next photo by rating the current one. When you advance the first photo is moved to a small box at the upper left of the screen along with a composite rating for the photo, then number of times it has been rated and how long it’s been since the person pictured has logged on to check their stats.

After judging a number of photos you will be asked to supply some general demographic information in order to continue judging (age, income, etc) but no personal/traceable info.


amihotornot.com is essentially a harmless waste of time. Each person does this in their daily life to some degree or another, the difference here being that the people are seeking your feedback, so they have only themselves to blame should their feelings be hurt by the ratings.

Got five free minutes with ABSOLUTELY nothing else to do? Feel free to swing by and judge.

Personally, I don’t have this much time on my hands.


This review is also posted on epinions.com

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